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Tom McManus #1276

Tom McManus #1276

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Career Wins

27-May-2024Delly Memorial Day Flex StartMixed Amateur 65+C
25-May to 26-May-2024Midwest Masters 8Mixed Amateur 65+C
18-May-2024Sandy Knoll FleX #2Mixed Amateur 65+C
05-Apr-2024Fraction Run Cup 6 Flex StartMixed Amateur 65+C
01-Apr-2024DDG 7th Anniversary FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
17-Mar-2024Fields of Fortune - St Patty's Day FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
16-Mar-202411th Annual Riverside ChallengeMixed Amateur 65+B
04-Feb-2024Groundhog Day Flex AgainMixed Amateur 60+C
03-Feb-2024Groundhog Day FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
16-Dec-2023Krampus' Ugly Sweater FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
02-Dec-2023Riverside Fall OpenMixed Amateur 60+C
24-Nov-2023Black Friday FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
05-Nov-2023Hunting Chains ClassicMixed Amateur 60+C
04-Nov-2023Tri-Fox Flex #5Mixed Amateur 60+C
02-Nov-2023Dellwood Day of the Dead FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
08-Oct-2023Grey Fox Fall Classic FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
24-Sep-2023Sandy Knoll FleX #5Mixed Amateur 60+C
23-Sep-2023Tri-Fox Flex #4Mixed Amateur 60+C
20-Sep-2023The Canyons 9th Anniversary FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
31-Jul-2023Ledgestone Flex - Bradley Park (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 60+XC
22-Jul to 23-Jul-202341st Illinois State Disc Golf ChampionshipsMixed Amateur 60+B
04-Jul-2023Clash 4th of July Flex Mixed Amateur 65+C
01-Apr to 02-Apr-2023Fraction Run Cup 5Mixed Amateur 60+C
05-Feb-2023There Ain't No Hill Or Mountain We Can't Climb FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
04-Feb-2023Then Put Your Little Hand In Mine FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
31-Dec-2022Chainin' in the New Year - The Final FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
03-Dec to 04-Dec-2022Ugly Sweater 3Mixed Amateur 60+C
25-Nov-2022Krampus Black Friday FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
19-Nov-2022Sandy Knoll FleX #5Mixed Amateur 60+C
06-Nov-2022Sandy Knoll Series FinaleMixed Amateur 60+C
14-Oct to 16-Oct-2022J-Town Championships presented by J-Town Disc Golf ClubMixed Amateur 60+B
02-Oct-2022IOS #115 Illiana OpenMixed Amateur 60+B
01-Oct-202224th Annual Capital City Challenge (CCC) presented by Scheel'sMixed Amateur 60+B
24-Sep to 25-Sep-202235th Channahon ClassicMixed Amateur 60+B
27-Aug to 28-Aug-202217th Annual Mayhem Open Wisconsin Tour Stop A Tier driven by Innova DiscsMixed Amateur 60+A
24-Aug-20225th Annual Wacky Wednesday @ EPMixed Amateur 50+C
20-Aug to 21-Aug-2022Unstable Open 4Mixed Amateur 60+C
18-Aug-2022Unstable Open 4 Flex StartMixed Amateur 60+C
08-Aug-2022Ledgestone Flex - Bradley Park (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 60+XC
06-Aug-2022Grey Fox Flex - Powered by shop.thediscgolfguy.comMixed Amateur 55+C
31-Jul-2022IOS #113 Case Jackson Memorial presented by Discontinuum - All OthersMixed Amateur 60+B
23-Jul-2022Riverside Summer Open Wisconsin Tour Stop - Pro/AdvMixed Amateur 60+B
09-Jul to 10-Jul-202240th Illinois State Disc Golf ChampionshipsMixed Amateur 60+B
02-Jul-2022Greater Peoria Open Presented By Joan's Trophy Mixed Amateur 60+C/B
25-Jun to 26-Jun-2022Clash at The Canyon VI - Am WeekendMixed Amateur 60+C
19-Jun-2022IOS #112 Sinnissippi Open - All Other DivisionsMixed Amateur 60+B
18-Jun-2022Greater Milwaukee Open - Pro & AdvMixed Amateur 60+B
30-May-2022Memorial Day FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
25-May-20222022 Palatine OpenMixed Amateur 50+C
21-Apr-2022GJTS TDTC Flex StartMixed Amateur 60+C
01-Apr-2022DDG 5th Birthday Flex StartMixed Amateur 60+C
27-Mar-2022Throne Throwdown II - MA1,MA3,MA40,MA60,FPO,FA3Mixed Amateur 60+C
19-Mar to 20-Mar-2022Fraction Run Cup 4Mixed Amateur 60+C
19-Feb-2022February FleXMixed Amateur 50+C
06-Feb-2022Cracked Plastic Classic - MA2, MA4, MA40+, MA60+, all FAMixed Amateur 60+B
30-Jan-2022Groundhog Day Flex StartMixed Amateur 60+C
26-Dec-2021Twenty Twenty One Last RoundMixed Amateur 60+C
12-Dec-2021Disc Golf Event at Dixmore PlayfieldMixed Amateur 2C
27-Nov-2021Cold Turkey XVI - All Pro & AdvancedMixed Amateur 60+C
10-Oct-2021Highbridge Fall ClassicMixed Amateur 50+C
29-Sep-20212021 Hidden Lake OpenMixed Amateur 50+C
21-Aug to 22-Aug-2021Unstable Open 3Mixed Amateur 50+C
18-Aug-2021Wacky Wednesday ForeMixed Amateur 50+C
01-Aug-2021Sandy Knoll Series #2 driven by Innova DiscsMixed Amateur 50+C
18-Jul-2021IOS #108 Case Jackson Memorial presented by Discontinuum - All OthersMixed Amateur 60+B
10-Jul to 11-Jul-2021The Northern Illinois Open presented by West Suburban RestorationMixed Amateur 60+B
03-Jul to 04-Jul-2021Silver Cup XXI Amateurs presented by Discmania and Rollin' RidgeMixed Amateur 60+B
02-Jul-2021Silver Cup Flex Start WarmupMixed Amateur 50+C
19-Jun to 20-Jun-2021Clash at The Canyons V presented by DiscmaniaMixed Amateur 60+C
18-Jun-2021Clash Am Weekend Trinity Flex StartMixed Amateur 60+C
12-Jun-2021Wilderness Open - Pro & AdvMixed Amateur 60+B
23-May-2021IOS #105 Eureka Open - (Lower Divisions)Mixed Amateur 60+B
08-May to 09-May-2021Midwest Masters 5 Redone Powered by MillenniumMixed Amateur 60+B
28-Nov-2020Sandy Knoll FleX #3 PDGA C Tier 27 Hole Layout driven by Innova DiscsMixed Amateur 50+C
27-Nov-2020The Food Coma Classic at Kress Creek - Flex StartMixed Amateur 50+C
14-Nov-2020Sandy Knoll FleX #2 PDGA C Tier 27 Hole LayoutMixed Amateur 50+C
11-Oct-2020Sandy Knoll Series Finale driven by Innova DiscsMixed Amateur 50+C
27-Sep-2020Sandy Knoll FleXMixed Amateur 40+C
02-Nov to 03-Nov-2019Highbridge Fall ClassicMixed Amateur 60+B
27-Oct-2019Door County Fall ClassicMixed Amateur 40+C
28-Sep-2019Rookery Run Fall Challenge Driven by Innova DiscsMixed Amateur 60+C
21-Jul-2019IOS #97 Sinnissippi Open - All OthersMixed Amateur 60+B
06-Jul-20194th Annual Heritage Trails OpenMixed Amateur 40+C
02-Jun-2019IOS #96 Squaw Creek Showdown Presented by Discontinuum - All OthersMixed Amateur 60+B
04-May to 05-May-2019Standing Rocks OpenMixed Amateur 60+B
21-Apr-2018Wilderness Open - Pro & AdvMixed Amateur 60+B
09-Dec-20173rd Annual Riverside OpenAdvanced GrandmastersC
05-Aug-20172017 Summer Smackdown presented by Innova Champion Discs - Pro/AdvAdvanced GrandmastersB
08-Jul-2017Zobel Open Sponsored by Latitude 64 - Pro & AdvAdvanced Senior GrandmastersB
17-Jun-20172017 Pickle Open Sponsored by Latitude 64Advanced GrandmastersB
04-Jun-2017IOS #83 Oswego Open - All OthersAdvanced GrandmastersC/B
07-May-2017IOS #82 The Dave Pitner Memorial - All OthersAdvanced GrandmastersC
18-Mar-2017Wisconsin Spring Opener 2017 - Open, Pro & AdvAdvanced GrandmastersB
31-Dec-2016Chaining in the New YearAdvanced MastersC
24-Sep-2016Justin Trails OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
03-Sep to 04-Sep-201622nd Northwoods Open at Sandy Point Resort Disc Golf Ranch Presented by Innova DiscsAdvanced GrandmastersB
14-Aug-2016IOS #79 - Squaw Creek Showdown Presented by Discontinuum - All OthersAdvanced GrandmastersB
06-Aug-20162016 Summer Smackdown - Pro/AdvancedAdvanced GrandmastersB
05-Jun-2016IOS #76 - Oswego Open - All OthersAdvanced GrandmastersC/B
18-Apr-2015The Prairie Open presented by Dynamic Discs - Pro & AdvancedAdvanced GrandmastersB
27-Dec-2014Chaining In The New YearAdvanced GrandmastersC
14-Sep-2014Justin Trails OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
13-Jul-2014Skyline Classic - Sunday All other divisionsAdvanced GrandmastersB
15-Jun-2014Pickle OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
01-Jun-2014IOS #62 Oswego Open "All Others"Advanced GrandmastersC/B
19-Apr-2014The Marilla MashAdvanced MastersC
01-Dec-2013Cold Turkey VIII - All Other DivisionsAdvanced GrandmastersC
03-Aug-20135th Annual Saukville OpenAdvanced GrandmastersC
13-Jul-2013Skyline ClassicAdvanced GrandmastersB
16-Jun-2013Pickle OpenAdvanced GrandmastersXB
01-Jun-2013Fox Valley OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
19-May-2013Greater Milwaukee Open - All other divisionsAdvanced GrandmastersB
20-Apr-2013Visit Menomonie OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
06-Apr-2013The Prairie Open - All Pro / All AdvancedAdvanced GrandmastersB
24-Mar-2013Rollin Ridge OpenAdvanced GrandmastersC
23-Mar-2013Wisconsin Spring OpenerAdvanced GrandmastersB
04-Nov-2012Pine Hills Experiment #4Mixed Amateur 2C
01-Sep to 02-Sep-2012Northwoods Open @ Sandy Point Resort & Disc Golf RanchAdvanced GrandmastersB
12-Aug-2012Summer SmackdownAdvanced GrandmastersB
17-Jun-2012Pickle OpenAdvanced GrandmastersXB
02-Jun-2012Fox Valley Open Wisconsin Tour StopAdvanced GrandmastersB
11-Mar-2012Lumberjack Open - MPO, FPO, MM1, FA1, MA2Advanced GrandmastersB
19-Feb-2012Cracked Plastic Classic - MPO, FPO, MM1, MA2, FA1Advanced GrandmastersB
31-Dec-2011Skyline presents Chaining in the New YearAdvanced GrandmastersC
26-Nov-2011Cold Turkey VIAdvanced GrandmastersC
14-Aug-2011Summer SmackdownAdvanced GrandmastersB
06-Aug-20112nd Annual Monroy X Gowens Memorial OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
24-Jul-2011Skyline Classic - MA2, MA3, MA4, FW1, FW2, MM1, MG1, MJ2Advanced GrandmastersB
23-Jul-201129th Illinois State Disc Golf Championships - Pro/AdvAdvanced MastersB
09-Jul-2011Manitowalk in the Park XI Pro/AdvancedAdvanced GrandmastersB
21-May to 22-May-2011Greater Milwaukee OpenAdvanced GrandmastersA
14-May to 15-May-2011Tower Ridge OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
16-Apr to 17-Apr-2011Wisconsin Amateur Disc Golf ChampionshipsAdvanced GrandmastersA
09-Apr-2011The Prairie Open - Pro/AdvAdvanced GrandmastersB
05-Feb-2011J Towns Second Annual Ice BowlAdvanced GrandmastersC
17-Oct-2010IOS #9 at Round Lake, IL - All other divisions SundayAdvanced GrandmastersC/B
12-Sep-2010Justin Trails Open - Pro/AdvAdvanced GrandmastersB
21-Aug-2010Monroy X Gowens Memorial OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
14-Aug-2010Grin & Bear It - MPM, MPG, MA1, FW1, MA3, JuniorsAdvanced GrandmastersC
21-Jun-2009Pickle OpenAdvanced MastersXB
07-Jun-2008Fox Valley OpenAdvanced MastersB
24-Nov-2007Cold Turkey IIAdvanced MastersC
30-Sep-2007Kaukauna OpenAdvanced GrandmastersC
17-Jun-2007Pickle OpenAdvanced MastersXB
10-Jun-2007Lumber Cup - Pro/AdvAdvanced GrandmastersC
03-Jun-2007Wham Bam Thank You Am - AdvAdvanced MastersC
21-Apr-2007IOS #1 at Kenosha - Pro/AdvAdvanced GrandmastersC/B
30-Dec-2006Last Call of 2006Advanced MastersC
25-Nov-2006Cold TurkeyMixed Amateur 2C
07-May-2006Wakanda Park Open - SundayAdvanced MastersB
06-May to 07-May-2006Tower Ridge OpenAdvanced MastersB
23-Apr-2006Fond du Lac OpenAdvanced MastersC
18-Mar-2006Wisconsin Tour Warm UpAdvanced MastersC