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PDGA Committees & Working Groups

PDGA Committees oversee specialized areas of the organization and provide guidance and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. PDGA Working Groups function in the same manner as Committees, however, they only convene as needed to address specific issues. Unlike Committees, Working Groups do not hold regularly scheduled meetings nor are they required to submit reoccurring reports to the Board of Directors.

PDGA Committee Chairs

Committee Contact PDGA#
Competition Committee John Birkrem 13399
Course Design Working Group Cliff Towne 5450
Disciplinary Committee Mark Stephens 30042
Diversity and Outreach Tita Ugalde 83
Environmental Committee Bill Newman 1603
Majors & Elite Series Committee Nate Heinold 49340
Medical Committee Seth Munsey 79165
Military Committee Scot Estep 77824
Nominating Committee Robert Decker 17745
Pro Touring Players Committee Andrew Fish 58320
Rules Committee Mike Krupicka 28238
Senior Committee William Griffith 7917
Technical Standards Working Group Jeff Homburg 1025
Women's Committee Sherry Herzog 88679
Youth and Education Committee Justin Menickelli 31347

PDGA Committee Members

Competition Committee
Chairperson John Birkrem
BOD Liaison Laura Nagtegaal
Staff Liaison Robert Leonard
Members Michael Belchik
  Steve Boylan
  Chuck Connelly
  Patrick DiCaprio
  Rebecca Duffy
  Scott Elam
  David Foss
  Scott Hougland
  Logan Staton
  Andrew Sweeton


Course Design Working Group
Chairperson Cliff Towne
Staff Liaison Sid Olcott 
Members Dan Doyle
  J Gary Dropcho
  Kevin Farley
Diversity and Outreach
Chairperson Tita Ugalde
Contact Email
BOD Liaison Leah Tsinajinnie
Staff Liaison Nick Wilder
Members Rebecca Cox
  Christine Jennings
  Martha Jimenez, J.D.
  Sara Nicholson
  Dan "Stork" Roddick, Ph.D.
  Jerry "Swami" Swain
  Laura Nagtegaal
  Josh Woods, Ph.D.
  Philo Brathwaite
Environment Committee
Chairperson Bill Newman
BOD Liaison Dan Roddick
Staff Liaison Andrew Sweeton
Members Justin Menickelli
  Sara Nicholson
  Terry Calhoun
  Denise Cameron
Majors & Elite Series Committee
Chairperson Nate Heinold
BOD Liaison Nate Heinold
Staff Liaison Mike Downes
Members Andrew Sweeton
  Matthew Rothstein
  Todd Lion
  Matěj Verl
  Rebecca Duffy
  Robert Leonard
  Patrick Graziani
  Steve Ganz
  Doug Bjerkaas
Military Committee
Chairperson Scot Estep
BOD Liaison Joe Chargualaf
Staff Liaison Joe Chargualaf
Members Gene Varano
  George Alvarez
  James Meek, Jr.
  Henry Trier
  Fernando Brown
  Jerry "Swami" Swain
Nominating Committee
Chairperson Bob Decker
Members Terry Calhoun
  Beth Foister
  Sherry Herzog
  Dave West
Pro Touring Players Committee
Chairperson Andrew Fish
BOD Liaison Nate Heinold
Staff Liaison Doug Bjerkaas
  Mike Downes
  David Feldberg
  Luke Humphries
  Justin Rosak
  Robert Leonard
  Eric Oakley
  Aaron Gossage
Rules Committee
Chairperson Mike Krupicka
BOD Liaison Wilbur Wallis
Staff Liaison Todd Lion
Members Conrad Damon
  Holly Finley
  Jamie Kemp
  Jason LaBella
  A. Ray
  Steve West
Senior Committee
Chairperson William Griffith
BOD Liaison Geoff Hungerford
Staff Liaison Brian Graham
Members Dave West
  Bill Flynn
  John Luetzow
  Fred Vocino
  Gene Varano
  Paul Wright
  Craig Sheather
  Nancy Wright
  Julie Mata, Ed.D.
  Bob Decker
Technical Standards Working Group
Chairperson Jeff Homburg
Staff Liaison Mike Downes
Members Jeff Homburg
  Dan Roddick
  Andrew Sweeton
  Kjell Soderholm
Women's Committee
Chairperson Sherry Herzog
Contact Email
BOD Liaison Leah Tsinajinnie
Staff Liaison Jennie Greathouse-Nance
Members Sarah Hokom
  Cristina Carlstrom
  Laura Nagtegaal
  Anne Reese
  Karin Falcone
  Renae Farr
  Michaela Kerr
  Serenity Madison
  Andréa Michaud
  Sofía Almada Olvera 
  Madison Tomaino
Youth & Education Committee
Chairperson Justin Menickelli
Staff Liaison Brian Graham
Members Zoe Andyke
  Caleb Rancourt
  Jason Allind
  Steve Lambert
  Kyle Silva
  Dana Litwornia
  Jeremy Ryder
  Jouni Kallio