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Sherry Herzog #88679

Sherry Herzog #88679

Sherry Herzog 88679's picture
Sherry Herzog 88679's picture

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Career Wins

18-May-2024WGE - The Chain PrincessesWomen's Pro 60+C$43
05-May-2024Winget3 presented by Play it Again Sports and Driven by InnovaWomen's Pro 60+B$100
26-Apr to 28-Apr-2024Dynamic Discs Presents The Blue Ridge Championship Generated By Grit DiscsWomen's Pro 60+A$114
12-Apr to 14-Apr-2024River Valley Masters, a DGMT Qualifier, presented by MEEMWomen's Pro 60+B$94
06-Apr-2024Catawba River RunWomen's Pro 40+C$76
16-Mar-2024Jackson Park Spring OpenWomen's Pro 60+C$52
02-Mar to 03-Mar-2024Discraft Presents: Spike Hyzer's Tim & Donna's Wedding Anniversary Extravaganza IXWomen's Pro OpenB$140
11-Feb-2024May Winget Be With YouWomen's Pro 60+C$23
20-Jan-2024Ulibarri Leadership Foundation Scholarship Fundraiser (CEP Charity - Rated)Women's Pro 40+XC$15
30-Dec-2023Slappy’s Revenge FlexWomen's Pro OpenC$20
09-Dec to 10-Dec-2023The Charlotte Charity Classic (CEP Charity - Rated)Women's Amateur 1XC
05-Nov-20232023 Gals Fall FrenzyWomen's Pro 55+C$50
21-Oct-2023Women’s Fall Classic Presented by Scorpion Disc Golf and Supported by AHA Shack: A Throw Pink Event (CEP Charity - Rated)Women's Pro 55+XC
30-Sep to 01-Oct-2023Harmon Hills Open, powered by WirelessVille, a MEEM eventWomen's Amateur 1B
09-Sep to 10-Sep-2023The Nightmare At Hornets Nest Women's Pro 40+B$119
02-Sep to 03-Sep-2023Hickory Classic Women's Pro 40+C$125
19-Aug to 20-Aug-20232023 North Cove Classic driven by InnovaWomen's Amateur 1B
05-Aug-2023First in Flight presented by MVP Disc SportsWomen's Pro OpenC$55
30-Jul-2023$15 Flex with BVO at BaileyWomen's Pro OpenC$8
29-Jul-2023CADL and Huck Wear Presents: Huck Be A Lady - Powered by ProdigyWomen's Pro 50+C$84
22-Jul-2023The Warm Up At EastwayWomen's Pro 55+C$36
15-Jul to 16-Jul-2023Wilkesboro Summer BashWomen's Pro 40+B$130
01-Jul to 02-Jul-2023Blue Ridge Open, sponsored by MVP Disc SportsWomen's Pro 50+B/C$76
25-Jun-2023$15 Flex at RobbinsWomen's Pro OpenC$13
24-Jun-2023Lake Julian Jam presented by Latitude 64Women's Pro OpenC$20
28-May-2023Reedy3 presented by Play it Again Sports and Driven by InnovaWomen's Pro 50+B$94
13-May-20232023 North Carolina Pro Tour (Rolling Pines) Sponsored By Haynes InsulationWomen's Pro OpenB$115
06-May-20232023 GaLs Southeast Masters ChampionshipWomen's Pro 55+C$160
22-Apr to 23-Apr-2023Blue Ridge Amateur ChampionshipsWomen's Amateur 1B
31-Mar to 02-Apr-2023River Valley MastersWomen's Pro 50+B$121
11-Mar-2023Almost Spring Women's Pro 40+C$48
05-Mar-2023The Perennial Heaven and Hell OpenWomen's Pro 55+C$31
12-Nov to 13-Nov-20222022 Women's Open of Pennsylvania Presented by Home Again Disc GolfWomen's Pro 50+B$195
29-Oct-2022Haunted Waters 2022Women's Pro 40+C$48
16-Oct-2022Battle for Griffiss Garden presented by Rapid Rivers Disc GolfWomen's Pro 50+C$103
09-Oct-2022Masters ROCWomen's Pro 50+C$45
24-Sep to 25-Sep-2022Share the Love Driven by Innova, Throw Pink and Lucky Disc GolfWomen's Pro 55+C$48
10-Sep-2022The DiscIthaca IPEI TournamentWomen's Pro OpenC$130
27-Aug to 28-Aug-202249th Rochester Flying Disc Open - Pro, MA1 and FA1 Sponsored by Flying Disc Pro ShopWomen's Pro 40+B$124
19-Aug to 21-Aug-2022Capital Discs Open Presented by Discraft and Upper Park Disc GolfWomen's Pro 40+B$365
07-Aug-20222022 Finger Lakes Open AmWomen's Pro OpenC$315
06-Aug-2022WGE - Women RocWomen's Pro 55+C$43
23-Jul-2022Warrior Princess Women's Disc Golf Tournament Driven by Innova (CEP Charity - Rated)Women's Pro 40+XC$100
25-Jun-2022ROC the Freedom IIWomen's Pro 50+C$53
19-Jun-2022Survive the Turnpike Women's Pro OpenC$35
12-Jun-2022Wild Day At Wild VinesWomen's Pro OpenC$43
11-Jun-2022Roc with Women and JuniorsWomen's Pro 55+C$48
28-May-2022Treedirection Disc Golf OpenWomen's Pro OpenC$96
03-Apr-2022Surprise of the Fools Women's Pro 40+C$100
26-Mar-2022Pfrommer Woods MeltdownWomen's Pro OpenC$33
05-Mar-2022Columbus Open - Pros, Age Protected, & WomenWomen's Pro 50+B$145
21-Nov-202121st Shenandoah SHAG - PRO - MA1 - MA40 - I81DGSWomen's Pro OpenB$130
06-Nov-2021The Genesee Jamboree hosted by Houghton CollegeWomen's Pro OpenC$48
30-Oct-2021Pfrommers Pfall PflingWomen's Pro OpenC$23
09-Oct to 10-Oct-2021Riverton Open Classic Presented by Prodigy DiscWomen's Pro 40+B$230
02-Oct-2021Share the Love Driven by Innova, Throw Pink and Lucky Disc GolfWomen's Pro 55+C$138
26-Sep-2021Fall ColorsWomen's Pro 55+B$94
04-Sep to 05-Sep-2021West Virginia Open Driven by Innova (PRO)Women's Pro 40+B$150
28-Aug-2021Masters ROCWomen's Pro 40+C$69
21-Aug to 22-Aug-20216th Annual Buffalo Flying Disc OpenWomen's Amateur 1B
29-Jul-2021RFDO Flex - ParmaWomen's Pro OpenC$13
28-Jul-2021RFDO Flex - BasilWomen's Pro OpenC$13
24-Jul-2021Squalla Disc Golf Open - MPO,FPO,MP40,MA1Women's Pro 40+B$147
16-Jul-20212021 Pun's Labyrinth LiteWomen's Pro OpenC$20
10-Jul-2021Roc with Women and JuniorsWomen's Pro 40+C$90
05-Jul-20212021 Independence Day OpenWomen's Pro 50+C$40
03-Jul-2021ROC the FreedomWomen's Pro 40+C$112
20-Jun-2021Parma Flex StartWomen's Pro 40+C$31
19-Jun-2021Solstice A ThonWomen's Pro 50+C$100
29-May to 30-May-2021Great Chili Cookout Presented by Flying Disc Pro ShopWomen's Pro 50+B$64
15-May-2021Wild Vines Open 2021 - MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, FP50, MA1, FA1, MA50, FJ15Women's Pro 50+C$86
08-May-2021WGE - Roc Women’s Global EventWomen's Pro 55+C$65
27-Mar-2021Singles at the Dizzle presented by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Pro OpenC$100
31-Oct-2020Haunted Waters 2020Women's Pro 50+C$48
03-Oct to 04-Oct-2020Share the LoveWomen's Pro OpenC$55
27-Sep-2020Throw Like a Girl Driven by Innova, Throw Pink and Lucky Disc GolfWomen's Pro 55+C$35
20-Sep-2020Black Diamond Fall ClassicWomen's Pro OpenC$88
12-Sep-20202020 Central New York ChampionshipsWomen's Pro 50+B$150
30-Aug-2020Women Roc Disc Golf Open 2020 Powered by ProdigyWomen's Pro 50+C$112
29-Aug-202047th Rochester Flying Disc Open presented by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Pro 40+C$70
15-Aug-2020Prison City OpenWomen's Pro OpenC$110
11-Jul-20202020 Warrior Princess, Driven by InnovaWomen's Pro OpenC$130
20-Jun-2020Solstice A ThonWomen's Pro OpenC$115
02-Nov-2019Haunted Waters 25th Anniversary editionWomen's Pro OpenC$50
15-Sep-20192019 GRDGC Series ChampionshipsWomen's Amateur 1C
03-Aug to 04-Aug-20195th Annual Buffalo Flying Disc OpenWomen's Amateur 1B
22-Jul-2019The Flex @ Kline’s Run Women's Amateur 50+C
13-Jul-20192019 Clay Park Classic Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Amateur 40+B
06-Jul-2019Flying Disc Pro Shop Present GRDGC #3: Parma PrimalWomen's Amateur 1C
01-Jun to 02-Jun-20192019 Mine Kill Disc Golf ChampionshipWomen's Amateur 1B
25-May to 26-May-201914th Great Chili Cookout Women's Amateur 1B
20-Apr-2019Webster Face/OffWomen's Amateur 1C
13-Apr-2019ROC City OpenWomen's Amateur 1C
06-Apr to 07-Apr-2019Surprise of the FoolsWomen's Amateur 1B
31-Mar-20192019 Freeze FestWomen's Amateur 1C
03-Nov-2018Chatham Brewing presents the NY State Championships/Stonykill Fall ClassicWomen's Amateur 40+C
21-Oct-2018Knobulus MaximusWomen's Amateur 1C
20-Oct-2018The Hunt at Deer Lakes Presented by Adidas OutdoorWomen's Amateur 1C
13-Oct-2018The Blarney Stone ChampionshipWomen's Amateur 1C
07-Oct-2018Share the Love (Breast Cancer charity tournament)Women's Amateur 1C
15-Sep to 16-Sep-2018Rochester Flying Disc Open sponsored by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Amateur 50+B
18-Aug to 19-Aug-20184th Annual Buffalo Flying Disc OpenWomen's Amateur 1B
07-Jul-20182018 Clay Park Classic Presented by Latitude 64Women's Amateur 40+B
30-Jun-2018Lights Out at the Lighthouse 8Women's Amateur 1C
16-Jun to 17-Jun-2018The 2018 Amateur Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open Presented by INNOVAWomen's Amateur 40+B
26-May to 27-May-201813th Annual Great Chili Cookout presented by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Amateur 50+B
19-May to 20-May-2018Ironwood OpenWomen's Amateur 1B
12-May-2018Women Roc + WGEWomen's Amateur 50+C
28-Apr-2018Steel City Discs presents Steel City ClassicWomen's Amateur 1C
21-Oct-2017Return of the JestersWomen's Amateur 2C
14-Oct-2017The Blarney Stone ChampionshipWomen's Amateur 1C
17-Jun to 18-Jun-2017WNY Amateur ChampionshipWomen's Amateur 2B
27-May to 28-May-2017Great Chili Cookout - Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsWomen's Amateur 2B