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Jayden Torres #108560

Jayden Torres #108560

Jayden Torres 108560's picture
Jayden Torres 108560's picture

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Career Wins

02-Mar-2024Chainwreck Flex @ Zboaz VMixed Amateur 1C
13-Jan-2024The Polar Open at Bill AllenMixed Amateur 1B
03-Sep-2023Fall Classic @ North Park hosted by Ideal DiscsMixed Amateur 2C
26-Aug to 27-Aug-2023Battle at Granbury (Tonys Discs)Mixed Amateur 2B
11-Aug-2023Flex Start at The bEast 2Mixed Amateur 2C
24-Mar to 26-Mar-202328th Annual Texas State Disc Golf Championships - Presented by Innova Mixed Junior ≤15A
31-Dec-2022END OF 2022 IDEAL SMASH @ North ParkMixed Amateur 2C
08-Oct-2022Chainwreck Flex at Gateway XMixed Amateur 2C
30-Sep-2022Lucky Ace at The Rock 2.0Mixed Junior ≤15C
30-Sep to 02-Oct-2022Dynamic Discs Presents the 19th Annual Piney Woods Open Mixed Junior ≤15A
09-Jul-2022Chainwreck flex at Cedar Hill(coyote) IIMixed Amateur 3C
02-Jul-2022Chainwreck Flex at Gateway 24 holesMixed Amateur 3C
26-Jun-2022Granbury Showdown 2022 [Tonys Discs]Mixed Amateur 3C
04-Jun to 05-Jun-2022Dynamic Discs Presents the Nacogdoches OpenMixed Junior ≤15B
07-May-2022Dynamic Discs Presents Mother's Day Madness - ALL ADV, REC, AND JUNIOR DIVISIONS ONLYMixed Junior ≤15B
30-Apr-2022Battle at the Camp 2022 Driven by InnovaMixed Amateur 3C
02-Apr-2022Chainwreck flex at TurnerMixed Amateur 3C
19-Mar-2022LowPutt Disc Golf Presents Brownwood Birdie BashMixed Amateur 3C
26-Feb to 27-Feb-2022Discraft presents The Open at Belton - Pro 40/50/60/70 & AmsMixed Junior ≤15B
06-Feb-2022Frostbite Open II @ North ParkMixed Junior ≤15C
22-Jan-2022Dynamic Discs Presents the Lewisville Winter Warm UpMixed Junior ≤15B
08-Jan to 09-Jan-2022Dynamic Discs Presents Straddle the BrazosMixed Junior ≤15B
05-Jun to 06-Jun-2021Dynamic Discs Presents the Nacogdoches Open Mixed Junior ≤12B
30-May-2021Chainwreck Flex at Vets VIMixed Amateur 3C
15-May to 16-May-2021Moonswitch Presents the 43rd Annual Norman Pro/Am driven by InnovaMixed Junior ≤12A/B
08-May-2021Dynamic Discs Presents the Mother's Day Madness - Advanced/Recreational/JuniorsMixed Junior ≤12B
24-Apr to 25-Apr-20213rd Annual Ideal Discs OpenMixed Junior ≤12B
17-Apr-2021Dynamic Discs Presents the Cedar Hill ChillMixed Junior ≤12B
11-Apr-2021Idealasaurus @ Dino Hills Disc Golf FarmMixed Junior ≤15C
19-Mar to 21-Mar-2021Discraft presents The Open at Belton a DGPT Silver Series EventMixed Junior ≤12A/B
06-Mar to 07-Mar-202119th Annual Crush on the ConchoMixed Junior ≤15B
13-Feb to 14-Feb-2021The 38th Annual Victoria Open driven by InnovaMixed Junior ≤15A
05-Dec to 06-Dec-2020Piney Woods OpenMixed Junior ≤15B
14-Nov to 15-Nov-2020Dynamic Discs Presents the Trophy Club Open Mixed Junior ≤12B
03-Oct-2020Texas States One Round Challenge @ The ROC #2Mixed Junior ≤12C
02-Oct to 04-Oct-2020The 25th Annual Texas State Disc Golf Championships Presented by Latitude 64 - GDG $5K/$10K EventMixed Junior ≤12A
27-Sep-2020Westside Royal Battle @Z Boaz Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Junior ≤12C
12-Sep to 13-Sep-2020Dynamic Discs Presents the Lewisville Open in Memory of Tom "Old Man" McCutcheonMixed Junior ≤12B
05-Sep-2020Saddle Up 2020Mixed Junior ≤12C/B
23-Aug-2020Triple Play @Gateway Park Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Junior ≤12C
22-Aug-2020Triple Play @Arcadia Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Junior ≤12C
21-Aug-2020Triple Play @North Park Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Junior ≤12C
08-Aug to 09-Aug-202042nd Annual Norman Pro-Am driven by InnovaMixed Junior ≤12A/B
05-Jul-2020Independance Open II presented by Ideal Discs @ North ParkMixed Junior ≤12C
07-Mar to 08-Mar-202018th Annual Crush on the Concho Powered by ProdigyMixed Junior ≤15B
09-Feb-2020Dynamic Discs Presents the Towne Lake Pro/AmMixed Junior ≤12C/B
25-Jan-2020Dynamic Discs Presents the Winter Warm Up Mixed Junior ≤12B
12-Jan-2020Dynamic Discs Presents Straddle the BrazosMixed Junior ≤12B
02-Nov-2019Texas State Juniors DGCMixed Junior ≤10B
19-Oct to 20-Oct-2019Dynamic Discs Presents the Carrollton Classic Sponsored by Mr Jim'sMixed Junior ≤10B
28-Sep-2019Piney Woods Open Flex Start @ The ROC Presented by Tree LoveMixed Junior ≤10C
27-Sep-2019Piney Woods Open Flex Start @ The ROC presented by Tree Love Mixed Junior ≤10C
27-Sep to 29-Sep-2019Dynamic Discs and the Rose City Disc Club Present the Piney Woods Open (GDG $5K/$10K event)Mixed Junior ≤10A
07-Sep to 08-Sep-2019Dynamic Discs Presents the Lewisville Open in memory of Tom "Old Man" McCutcheon Mixed Junior ≤10B
18-Aug-2019Summer classic III at Z Boaz Presented by TCSMixed Junior ≤12C
29-Jun-2019Granbury Open presented by TCSMixed Junior ≤12C
01-Jun to 02-Jun-2019Dynamic Discs Presents the Nacogdoches OpenMixed Junior ≤10B
18-May to 19-May-201941st Annual Norman Pro-Am driven by Innova - AmMixed Junior ≤12B
04-May-2019Dynamic Discs Presents the Cinco De Mayo MadnessMixed Junior ≤10C/B
06-Apr to 07-Apr-2019Tye F. Cunningham Memorial Presented by OKCDGAMixed Junior ≤10B
09-Mar to 10-Mar-2019Dynamic Discs Presents the Texas Amateur ChampionshipsMixed Junior ≤10A
02-Mar-2019Links on the Lake IV Presented by Yeti Disc and Innova ChampionMixed Junior ≤15C
09-Jun to 10-Jun-2018Dynamic Discs Presents the Abilene Wild HairMixed Junior ≤12B
11-May-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Trophy ClubMixed Junior ≤10C
05-May-2018Links on the Lake IIIMixed Junior ≤15C
27-Apr-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Veterans ParkMixed Junior ≤10C