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2023 Junior Worlds Invite Letter

2023 Junior Worlds Invite Letter

Last updated: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 18:30

Dear PDGA Tour Player,                                                                                                  

Congratulations! You have been invited to enter the 2023 PDGA Junior World Championships in Peoria, IL from June 27th to July 1st based on your excellent performance during the 2022 PDGA tour. The PDGA and the local Worlds Team is looking forward to seeing you in Peoria later this year. 

Participants are subject to all eligibility requirements per Competition Manual 1.01, and nothing in this invitation shall be construed to create a right of the recipient to participate in this event.


Nate Heinold and his team are thrilled to host the 2023 PDGA Junior Worlds and are excited to have you spend some time in Peoria this summer. The Peoria area is a hotbed of disc golf with many great courses in the area. The Peoria Frisbee Club has been around since 1981 and helped host the Peoria Open, which started as a B Tier in the mid 1990’s. They later hosted the Greater Peoria Open and the USWDGC six straight years from 2002 through 2007. More recently, Nate Heinold has stepped up to run the Ledgestone Open, an annual event that started in 2011. The Ledgestone Open has grown from a small event to one of the largest events in the country. Nate and his team also successfully hosted the 2019 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships in Peoria, which was lauded as one of the most successful World Championships of all time. In addition, the Ledgestone team hosted the 2022 PDGA Combined Masters and Junior Disc Golf World Championships.


Sunset Hills DGC: This is a permanent course located on a ball golf course in Pekin, IL, about ten minutes from McNaughton Park and about twenty minutes from Peoria, IL. An 18-hole course with Innova Discatcher baskets, Sunset Hills was installed in 2014 and upgraded with all concrete tee pads in 2019. From the FPO tee pads the distance totals 7539 feet, and from the longs it totals 8772 feet. Sunset Hills plays as a par 61 from the current FPO layout, which is the layout to be used in this event. We have used this course for the Ledgestone Open for the last several years and this course has also hosted the local AM A Tier as well as four B Tiers, in addition to the 2019 PDGA Pro Worlds and 2022 PDGA Masters and Junior Worlds.  The course features a full clubhouse with a restaurant and restrooms. Sunset Hills offers parking for more than 300 cars, including street parking immediately next to the course. Wi-fi signals are strong here, allowing for live broadcast capabilities. This course is located within two minutes of four hotel options in Pekin, as well as within three minutes from many food and gas options.

Bradley Park: This course is in the heart of Peoria, IL and is the second oldest course in the area. Installed in 1984, Bradley Park went through a redesign in the last 10 years. The course has brand new Dynamic Discs Veteran baskets and is an 18-hole, par 55 course with alternate pins. The distance can play anywhere from 4888 feet to 5823 feet. The course has signage at each hole indicating the hole number and distance. Bradley Park contains a very nice, centrally-located pavilion, along with many open spaces that could be used for other events. There are multiple restroom facilities on site. Bradley Park was the home of the Greater Peoria Open for many years and was used in the USWDGC. This course has also been used in the Ledgestone Insurance Open for the past nine years. Situated in a busy part of town, the park offers access to various gas stations and restaurants within a five-minute drive. Downtown Peoria hotels can be reached in ten minutes and the Comfort Inn Hotel in Morton in fifteen minutes. Bradley Park is safe and has good wi-fi capabilities, with parking for over 200 cars.

Kennel Lake: Our newest course, Kennel Lake, began work in 2019. The original design had been completed in 2015 for the Ledgestone Insurance Open as a temporary layout by Northwood Gold Architects Kip Taufer and Nate Heinold. Kennel Lake is a par 59 open-air course with some foliage that has a long pin distance of 6900 feet. Four shorter alternate pin locations can be utilized to make the course a par 56 playing approximately 6000 feet. This course features brand new Discraft Chainstar Pro Baskets, turf tee pads, and full-color signs. Located three minutes from Northwood Park in a private, family-oriented sportsmen’s club, Kennel Lake offers a nice indoor clubhouse where club staff/members will be cooking and selling food during the event. The park is situated on 36 acres with a beautiful lake splitting the property. Primary restaurant and hotel options in Morton can be accessed within a few minutes drive. Given the private club nature of Kennel Lake, it is a very secure venue. We have parking for approximately 125 cars.

Goodfield Park: Goodfield Park is a 9-hole course in the small town of Goodfield, IL, located just off of Interstate 74. The course was designed by Kip Taufer (creator of Westwood, Kennel Lake, and Northwood Parks), but with more beginner-friendly play. Holes have DGA Mach V baskets with 2 tee pads on most. The shorter layout measures around 2200 feet. Goodfield Park is an open-air facility with a practice basket, a pavilion, and a single entrance which makes for better-than-average security. Limited parking allows for only 40 spots in the park. Additional grass and street parking in the residential neighborhood could be secured for the event. The town of Goodfield is centrally located between Morton (a 12-minute drive) and Eureka (an 8-minute drive).

Roanoke Park: Roanoke Park is a well-established 9-hole course that underwent a full redesign in 2020. Initially built with $35,000 of fundraising by two local 15-year-old juniors, it makes an ideal venue for Junior Worlds. Roanoke has also seen incredible support from Dynamic Discs and features Dynamic Veteran baskets with full color signs. It is located in a small, open-air park in a friendly neighborhood. Each hole has two baskets and two teepads. An A loop on the course offers more beginner level holes, while the B loop provides more advanced holes, with the shortest layout running approximately 1850 feet. The course earns high ratings from players. There is adequate parking for 150 cars on the grounds, as well as on-site restroom facilities, with the option for portable toilets if needed. Roanoke Park offers good security and safety and is only a few minutes from the downtown area.

Washington Park: This park has been around since 1998 and was redesigned by Greg Nettles in 2009. An open air course, Washington Park holds one set of concrete tees. The course does feature long tees, but without concrete pads. An 18-hole course, Washington Park has newer Innova Discatcher baskets and has a distance of 5658 feet with a par of 56. We recently upgraded this park with brand new full-color signs. A nice pavilion sits near hole 1 and the park is located in a residential neighborhood. Many sanctioned events have been hosted at this park over the years, including the Washington Good Neighbor Days Festival and the Ledgestone Insurance Open. Washington Park is approximately eighteen minutes from downtown Peoria. Food options can be found a few minutes drive away and Washington is home to two hotels. This park, like Eureka, is very safe and secure, with multiple entrances and parking for approximately 200 cars in parking lots on site, and along with a lot at Lincoln School (across from hole 17).

Lake Eureka Permanent Course: Adjacent to the Lake Eureka temporary course is the Lake Eureka Permanent course with a par of 61. Lake Eureka was designed and built by Greg Nettles and opened in 2004. The permanent course at Lake Eureka is a mostly wooded course that was partially redesigned in 2019 by Greg Nettles and Nate Heinold. Following the success of the 2019 PDGA Pro Worlds, the City of Eureka approved plans to revamp the permanent course which included the combining of four short wooded holes into two wooded par 4’s and the creation of two longer open holes. In addition, the Ledgestone LOC added brand new Discraft Chainstar Pro baskets on the property. The course measures 6,658 feet under the new configuration with one set of concrete tees. It is well-maintained by the City of Eureka and boasts a pavilion near hole 1, with restroom facilities also on the property, and parking for more than 1,000 cars. Lake Eureka Permanent lies in the heart of Eureka, IL, approximately 25 minutes from downtown Peoria and within a one-minute drive of local gas stations and restaurants. The nearest hotel would be in Washington about 15 minutes away. Even with multiple park entrances, security remains a non-issue. This park is located in a quiet town and is very safe.

McNaughton Park: McNaughton, an 18 hole course, is one of our most famous courses and was finished in 1994. McNaughton has hosted many large events including the Ledgestone Insurance Open and the Greater Peoria Open. From the short tees McNaughton plays to approximately 6300 feet while the long tees play to around 7400 feet. All teepads are concrete. The course is located in Pekin, about 15 minutes from Peoria. The par is 56 from the shorts and 59 from the longs. The course includes newer Discraft Chainstar baskets. The park only has one entrance. The park has a pavilion near hole 2 and another at the top of the park near hole 13 that is convenient to use. McNaughton is about five minutes away from a multitude of restaurants and gas stations, and 20 minutes from downtown Peoria. Hotel options in Pekin are a 10-minutes drive away. The park has room for approximately 150 cars with the opportunity for more parking near the entrance road to the park.

There will be a cut after the 4th round, and the 5th and final round will take place at Northwood Park, with FA1 playing the Blue course and MA1 playing the Black Course. All rounds will utilize tee times. There will not be a final 9.

Lodging & Meetings

Event staff will have a hotel link that will provide discounted rates at 6 local hotels. This link will be available at the event page. Here are two of the hotels we will be working with:

Comfort Inn and Suites – Morton: With an ideal location just off I-74, this hotel positions you in the heart of one of Illinois’ friendliest and fastest-growing communities. From the hotel, you can reach General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport (PIA), Caterpillar Headquarters and Northwood Park in less than 20 minutes. After a business meeting or a round of disc golf, head back to your room or suite, each with amenities like Free Wireless High-speed Internet. If you're traveling with a furry companion, we offer pet-friendly rooms to accommodate your entire group.

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center: The Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center is situated beautifully along the scenic banks of the Illinois River, just off I-74. Whether you are looking to take a stroll along the river, catch a sporting event, shoot a round of golf or shop while in town, the Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center is just minutes from the many attractions Peoria has to offer.

Camping is available at Wildlife Prairie Park. Please call them directly for information: (309) 676-0998  

Player’s Meeting: The player’s meeting/opening ceremony will take place at Five Points in Washington on Monday night, June 26th, at 7PM.

Check-in: Check-in will be available on Monday at Five Points in Washington from 8AM to 6PM.


Those flying to Junior Worlds will probably find their best option is to arrive at the Peoria International Airport (PIA) which is within 30 minutes of all tournament activities.  The other option is to fly into Chicago O’Hare airport, which is about 2 hours and 45 minutes away. St Louis and Indianapolis also provide options, which are within a similar drive of about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  


More detailed information about everything surrounding the event can be found on the PDGA webpage for the event:

Field Events

The field events will take place at Five Points/Washington High School. This is the location of the Players Dinner and Players Meeting and is 15 minutes down the road from Lake Eureka and Northwood Park. Times for the field events will be from 9am to 3pm on Sunday June 25th. If you decide to test your skills at the EDGE and Mini events, the latest start time is 2pm. 

Doubles at Junior Worlds will be held with two rounds on Saturday at Kennel Lake. All divisions will play best shot the first round and alternate shot the second round. The players meeting will be at Kennel Lake at 9AM. Divisions will play modified best shot the first round and modified alternate shot the second round.  Loosen up with a great game of doubles on a course all players will be throwing later in the week. You will be warming up your drives and putting anyway, so why not throw in a little competitive spirit with it? The field is limited to 36 doubles teams. Teams will play the same layout used in the singles competition.

Longest Drive and Putting: Think your drive is long? Is your putting accurate? Put your throws where your mouth is and step up to the line to give it your best. Rules are simple, have the longest drive or make the most putts. 

Skillshot: The SkillShot® program is presented by the EDGE program to test your throwing skills and proficiencies. Throws include backhand, sidearm/forehand, roller, upside-down, straddle, kneeling/seated, freestyle and obstructed will be scored by your accuracy to a certain target or area. You will have a great time challenging yourself to improve your disc golf skills. You will take many of these skills to the course. What a great way to warm up for those accurate shots. You will find that you are a better golfer and that your game will improve as a result of SkillShot®!

It is also important to note that you must be a current 2023 PDGA Member and Certified Official before you can register for the event!

Entry Fees: Fees for all divisions this year is $150.

Other Events: Other fun events during the week include Baseball Night at the Ballpark, Players Dinners, Flymarts, Ice Cream night, Band performances, Disc golf night at the Pool and more!


Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the event.  For more information please contact Tournament Director Nate Heinold for sponsorship information at 309.657.2301 or  

The World’s FlyMart will take place on Tuesday June 27th and Wednesday June 28th. The flymarts will be located at Five Points in Washington. Contact TD Nate Heinold for more information at 


Sincerely, your 2023 PDGA Junior Worlds Team,

Tournament Director – Nate Heinold

Please direct player registration related inquiries only to the PDGA HQ at: or  706-261-6342. For all other inquires please contact TD Nate Heinold at