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Raul Albarez #44644

Raul Albarez #44644

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r.albarez's picture

Player Info

  • Location: Austin, Texas, United States
  • Classification: Professional
  • Member Since: 2010
  • Membership Status: Current (through 31-Dec-2024)
  • Official Status: Expired (as of 07-Nov-2019)
  • Current Rating: 907 -5 (as of 09-Apr-2024)
  • Career Events: 803
  • Career Wins: 205
  • Career Earnings: $27,517.50
  • Global Masters Series 2024 Rank: #150

Career Wins

20-Jan-2024Flex Start at Flying ArmadilloMixed Pro 50+C$25
02-Dec-2023Rivery Rumble - Sponsored by Big Country Beef JerkyMixed Pro OpenC$42
18-Nov to 19-Nov-2023The Slaughter Showdown (A HOTT Points Event)Mixed Pro 50+B$204
11-Nov to 12-Nov-2023Power Disc Golf Academy InvitationalMixed Pro 50+C$85
05-Nov-2023Big Flicks Live Oak Brewery Flex 1Mixed Pro 50+C$17
20-Oct to 22-Oct-202346th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Pro 50+C$184
14-Oct-2023Flex Start at BenbrookMixed Pro 50+C$30
07-Oct to 08-Oct-2023ATX OpenMixed Pro 50+B$150
06-Oct-2023Fuego Friday Flex Start sponsored by Mint Discs 10/6/23 Mixed Pro 50+C$21
24-Sep-2023Flex Start at Wilco 4Mixed Pro 50+C$30
23-Sep-20232023 Wilco Flex #2 - Presented by 1010 DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$32
16-Sep to 17-Sep-2023Circle G (A HOTT Points Event)Mixed Pro 50+B$190
05-Aug-2023Flex Start at Flying Armadillo 2Mixed Pro 50+C$18
24-Jun to 25-Jun-2023Hays County Disc Golf ChampionshipMixed Pro 50+B$205
11-Jun-2023Flex Start at Roy GMixed Pro 50+C$28
20-Jan-2023Fuego Friday Flex Start sponsored by Mint Discs 1/20/23Mixed Pro 50+C$21
13-Jan-2023Polar Open Flex Start Friday presented by The Disc Golf DojoMixed Pro 50+C$38
26-Dec-2022Chainwreck Holiday Flex at VetsMixed Pro 50+C$40
19-Nov to 20-Nov-2022Inner Peace Open Powered by ProdigyMixed Pro 50+B$95
12-Nov-202221st Alex Clark Memorial Presented by Mint Discs & Powered by the MDGAMixed Pro 50+B$90
27-Aug-2022The HELL RAISER Mixed Pro 50+C$170
22-May-2022Yeti's Disc Golf Battle Royale-Graytown EditionMixed Amateur 40+C
03-Apr-2022Chainwreck Flex at Vets XIIMixed Pro 50+C$22
04-Mar-2022Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Bill Allen Memorial ParkMixed Pro 50+C$40
28-Feb-2022PAR4 Presents Audubon FlexMixed Pro 50+C$18
20-Feb-2022Chainwreck Flex at Vets XIMixed Pro 50+C$40
19-Feb-20222022 WilCat Double Header - Driven by InnovaMixed Pro 50+C$181
29-Jan to 30-Jan-2022The Hideaway Open Mixed Pro 50+B$175
28-Jan-2022Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Greenbelt DGCMixed Pro 50+C$40
22-Jan-2022PAR4 Presents the Princeton FlexMixed Pro 50+C$36
15-Jan-2022Chainwreck Flex at Gateway VIMixed Pro 50+C$44
26-Dec-2021PAR4 Presents Audubon FlexMixed Pro 50+C$25
21-Nov-2021Samurai Showdown II @Gateway Park Hosted by Ideal DiscsMixed Pro 40+C$38
31-Oct-2021Monster Mash Driven by InnovaMixed Pro 50+C$28
28-Oct-2021PAR4 Presents the Harry Myers Flex StartMixed Pro OpenC$36
22-Oct-2021Chainwreck VPO flex at Vets IIIMixed Pro 50+C$33
22-Oct-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Harry Myers Mixed Pro 50+C$30
16-Oct-2021PAR4 Presents the Bill Allen Flex StartMixed Pro 50+C$36
15-Oct-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Greenbelt #3Mixed Pro 50+C$15
07-Oct-2021PAR4 Presents the Harry Myers Flex StartMixed Pro 50+C$18
30-Sep-2021PAR4 Presents the Flex at Old Man 2Mixed Pro 50+C$18
24-Sep-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ WeatherfordMixed Pro 50+C$30
23-Sep-2021PAR4 Presents the LL Woods FlexMixed Pro 50+C$18
18-Sep to 19-Sep-2021Zuna Solar 2nd Annual McKinney Classic Presented by InnovaMixed Pro 50+B$260
17-Sep-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ ZBoazMixed Pro 50+C$15
17-Sep-2021McKinney Classic Flex Start at Alex Clark Memorial presented by Tree LoveMixed Pro 50+C$66
16-Sep-2021PAR4 Presents the Bill Allen FlexMixed Pro 50+C$18
11-Sep to 12-Sep-2021Dynamic Discs Presents the Lewisville Open in Memory of Tom "Old Man" McCutcheonMixed Pro 50+B$130
10-Sep-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Old Man #2Mixed Pro 50+C$15
09-Sep-2021PAR4 Presents Audubon FlexMixed Pro 50+C$36
07-Sep-2021Tree Love AM Slam Series #2 at Jimmy Porter DGCMixed Amateur 1C
02-Sep-2021PAR4 Presents Harry Myers FlexMixed Pro 50+C$36
29-Aug-2021Flexin at Paschall Park thrown by Tree Love Mixed Pro 50+C$22
28-Aug-2021PAR4 Presents the Princeton FlexMixed Pro 50+C$18
21-Aug-2021Triple Play Sat @ Arcadia ParkMixed Pro 50+C$90
20-Aug-2021Triple Play Friday @ North ParkMixed Pro 50+C$28
13-Aug-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Bill AllenMixed Pro 50+C$40
07-Aug to 08-Aug-2021Dynamic Discs Presents the Cedar Hill Open Mixed Pro 50+B$130
01-Aug-2021Sunday Funday @ Dino Hills Disc Golf FarmMixed Pro 50+C$23
31-Jul-2021Munson Flex Presented By Par4 Disc GolfMixed Pro 40+C$18
25-Jul-2021Tree Love Flex at Greenbelt DGC Mixed Pro 50+C$22
23-Jul-2021Tiger Open Flex Start FridayMixed Pro 50+C$18
17-Jul to 18-Jul-2021Dynamic Discs Presents the 29th Annual Big Arms on the BrazosMixed Pro 50+B$350
11-Jul-2021BB Owens Flex Sunday Mixed Pro 50+C$33
27-Jun-2021Par4 Discs Presents Chasing Aces 2 at Alex ClarkMixed Pro 50+C$45
27-Jun-2021IDW Sunday C-Tier Flex @ ArcadiaMixed Pro 50+C$23
26-Jun-2021IDW SAT C-Tier Flex @ Gateway supported by INNOVAMixed Pro 50+C$23
13-Jun-2021Sunday Funday @ North Park 6/13/21Mixed Pro 40+C$79
04-Jun-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Pioneer Park Mixed Pro 50+C$15
30-May-2021Chainwreck Flex at Vets VIMixed Pro 50+C$56
15-May-2021Par4 Discs Presents The Spring Fling Flex at Bill AllenMixed Pro OpenC$49
01-May-2021PAR4 Discs Presents the Jack Culverhouse FlexMixed Pro 50+C$45
27-Mar-2021Texas State One Round Challenge @ The ROC #3Mixed Pro 50+C$15
26-Mar-2021Texas State One Round Challenge @ The ROC #2Mixed Pro 50+C$30
05-Mar-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Jimmy PorterMixed Pro 50+C$25
26-Feb-2021Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ LL WoodsMixed Pro 50+C$15
26-Feb-2021Triple Play @ North ParkMixed Pro 50+C$23
18-Jan-2021Realside's Hair of the Dog @ Turner DGCMixed Pro 50+C$30
11-Jan-2021Realside's Hair of the Dog @ *Alex Clark*Mixed Pro 50+C$15
03-Jan-2021Chainwreck Flex at Gateway IVMixed Pro 50+C$55
02-Jan-20212021 New Year SmashMixed Pro 40+C$176
18-Dec-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Jimmy PorterMixed Pro 50+C$30
20-Nov-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ GreenbeltMixed Pro 50+C$30
30-Oct-2020Chainwreck VPO Flex at Vets IIIMixed Pro 50+C$55
25-Oct-2020Samurai Showdown @Arcadia Park Hosted by Ideal DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$23
24-Oct-202019th Annual Alex Clark Memorial hosted by MDGA and Powered by Innova DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$314
23-Oct-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Veterans Park Mixed Pro 50+C$30
11-Oct-2020King of Saddle Hills Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$46
09-Oct-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Turner Park Mixed Pro 50+C$30
03-Oct-2020Texas States One Round Challenge @ South Spring #2Mixed Pro 50+C$15
27-Sep-2020Iron Branches Open - Driven by InnovaMixed Pro OpenC$240
26-Sep-2020Nick Fisher Extravaganza Sponsored by INNOVA Mixed Pro OpenC$168
18-Sep-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Heritage ParkMixed Pro 50+C$15
18-Sep-2020McKinney Classic Flex Start- AC GoldsMixed Pro 50+C$47
05-Sep-2020Alex Clark Open Sponsored by Innova DiscMixed Pro 50+C$114
29-Aug to 30-Aug-2020Dynamic Discs Presents the Magnolia OpenMixed Pro 50+B$100
28-Aug-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Lake Durant Mixed Pro 50+C$15
23-Aug-2020Triple Play @Gateway Park Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$46
21-Aug-2020Triple Play @North Park Driven by Ideal DiscsMixed Pro 50+C$44
21-Aug-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Turner Park Mixed Pro 50+C$30
31-Jul-2020Chain Bomber Flex Start - LewisvilleMixed Pro OpenC$84
24-Jul-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ GreenbeltMixed Pro 50+C$15
10-Jul-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Towne Lake Mixed Pro 50+C$30
14-Jun-2020Flex Start Cherry CreekMixed Pro 50+C$23
12-Jun-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Jimmy PorterMixed Pro 50+C$30
15-Mar-2020Dynamic Discs One Round Challenge @ GreenbeltMixed Pro 50+C$15
29-Feb-2020Chainwreck Flex at Gateway 2Mixed Pro 50+C$44
07-Feb-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Cedar Hill's CoyoteMixed Pro 50+C$30
24-Jan-2020Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Old Man Mixed Pro 50+C$40
27-Dec-2019Chainwreck Holiday flex at VetsMixed Pro 50+C$44
21-Dec-2019Dynamic Discs One Round Challenge @ Trophy Club Mixed Pro 50+C$40
30-Nov-2019Hyzerbomb presents Roscoe's RevengeMixed Pro 50+C$53
29-Nov-2019SV Flex Friday Winter Series #1 on Black Friday!Mixed Pro 50+C$30
16-Nov-2019Gorilla Disc Golf presents Battle on the Bayou Fall Run at TC JesterMixed Pro 50+C$65
08-Nov-2019FLEX START IN WAXAHACHIEMixed Pro 50+C$20
04-Oct-2019Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Saddle HillsMixed Pro 50+C$20
04-Oct-2019Chainwreck VPO Flex at vetsMixed Pro 50+C$22
31-Aug-2019Chasing Birdies at Audubon Park powered by ProdigyMixed Pro 50+C/B$55
18-Aug-2019Summer classic III at Z Boaz Presented by TCSMixed Pro 50+C$55
04-Aug-2019TCS Flex Start Sunday @ City Disc ParkMixed Pro 50+C$25
21-Jul-2019TCS Flex Start Sunday @ Fritz ParkMixed Pro 50+C$45
20-Jul-2019Harry Myers 2.0 presented by Slow and Steady DGMixed Pro 50+C$106
19-Jul-2019Flex Start at Harry Myers 2.0Mixed Pro 50+C$25
14-Jul-2019TCS Flex Start Sunday @ Veterans Park Mixed Pro 50+C$23
13-Jul-2019Throwdown at Turner II presented by TCSMixed Pro 50+B$255
21-Jun-2019Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Alex ClarkMixed Pro 50+C$40
31-May-2019Dynamic Discs Flex Start Firday @ PioneerMixed Pro 50+C$20
17-May-2019Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ GreenbeltMixed Pro 50+C$20
10-May-2019Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Heritage ParkMixed Pro 50+C$40
05-May-2019Summer Showdown IIIMixed Pro 50+C$90
03-May-2019Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Trophy ClubMixed Pro 50+C$40
20-Apr to 21-Apr-2019Innaugural Matt Mayo Memorial OpenMixed Pro 50+B$80
04-Apr-2019One Round Challenge at Myers Gold Mixed Pro 50+C$40
17-Mar-2019Flex at the Lake, by ProdiscusMixed Pro 40+C$50
12-Jan-2019Hyzerbomb Discs presents The Colony's 2019 Polar OpenMixed Pro 50+C$105
14-Dec-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Fritz ParkMixed Pro 50+C$18
01-Dec-20182018 Ashley Lane Bell MemorialMixed Pro 50+B$208
30-Nov-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Alex Clark Mixed Pro 50+C$45
24-Nov-2018Roscoe's Revenge - Throw the Line Tour EventMixed Pro 40+C$135
16-Nov to 18-Nov-2018Legacy presents the 28th Veterans Park Open powered by Kr8om - PRO WeekendMixed Pro 50+A$400
11-Nov-2018The 2018 Jesse Eithun MemorialMixed Pro 50+C$100
10-Nov-2018Throw It Forward Open - Throw the Line Tour EventMixed Pro OpenC$110
12-Oct-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Turner ParkMixed Pro 50+C$90
05-Oct-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ GreenbeltMixed Pro 50+C$18
28-Sep-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Jones ParkMixed Pro 50+C$18
22-Sep-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Saturday @ Trophy ClubMixed Pro 50+C$18
16-Sep-2018Fritz Open (Pro Only) - Throw the Line Tour EventMixed Pro 50+B$300
14-Sep-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ WaxahachieMixed Pro 50+C$18
07-Sep-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Old ManMixed Pro 50+C$27
24-Aug-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ The ColonyMixed Pro 50+C$36
27-Jul-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Mae SimmonsMixed Pro 50+C$18
07-Jul-2018Dynamic Discs Presents the Buffalo Chip ChampionshipMixed Pro 50+B$150
06-Jul-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Buffalo RunMixed Pro 50+C$18
22-Jun-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ McCord ParkMixed Pro 50+C$18
02-Jun to 03-Jun-2018The Nacogdoches Open Presented by Dynamic Discs and the Nacogdoches CrushersMixed Pro 50+B$245
01-Jun-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Pioneer Park Mixed Pro 50+C$18
26-Apr-2018Glass Blown Open Flex Start XC-Tier at FHTC presented by Truly Unique Disc GolfMixed Pro 50+C$36
13-Apr-2018Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ North ParkMixed Pro 50+C$47
27-Jan-2018Dynamic Discs Presents the Winter Warm-UpMixed Pro 50+B$200
13-Jan-2018Polar Open - Throw the Line Tour EventMixed Pro 50+C$55
16-Dec-2017Discmania's One Round Challenge at The JaranatorMastersC$60
01-Dec-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Greenbelt DDTGrandmastersC$54
26-Nov-2017Sunday Funday Flex Start at CommerceGrandmastersC$25
24-Nov-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Jones ParkGrandmastersC$18
17-Nov-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Pecan GroveGrandmastersC$36
19-Oct-2017Dynamic Discs One Round Challenge @ HickoryGrandmastersC$18
06-Oct-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Trophy ClubGrandmastersC$36
24-Sep-2017The Jesse Eithun Memorial at Saddle Hills 2017MastersC$180
22-Sep-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Towne LakeGrandmastersC$36
03-Sep-2017Stoney Creek OpenMastersC$150
25-Aug-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ The ColonyGrandmastersC$18
12-Aug to 13-Aug-2017Dynamic Discs Presents the Cedar Hill OpenGrandmastersB$260
23-Jul-2017Sunday Funday - Pecan Grove WestMastersC$68
15-Jul to 16-Jul-2017Trey Texas Sizzling Showdown - Throw the Line Tour EventMixed Pro OpenC$205
08-Jul-2017Summer Showdown at Weatherford Presented by Chain Society DiscsGrandmastersC
30-Jun-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ GranburyMastersC$18
13-May-2017Wild Horse OpenGrandmastersB$230
15-Apr-2017On The Fritz - Throw the Line Tour EventGrandmastersB$210
25-Feb-2017Winter Classic - Throw the Line Tour EventMixed Pro OpenC$185
24-Feb-2017Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ GreenbeltGrandmastersC$36
07-Jan-2017First Chance Points - Throw the Line Tour EventGrandmastersC$165
31-Dec-2016Straight Line Flex Start New Year's Eve Bash @ Towne LakeMastersC$65
10-Dec to 11-Dec-2016Straight Line Championships - Throw the Line Tour FinaleMastersB$270
30-Jul-2016Crosstown Throwdown 3MastersC$123
25-Mar-2016Dynamic Discs Flex Start Friday @ Saddle HillsMastersC$54
05-Mar to 06-Mar-2016North Texas Championships - Throw the Line Tour EventMastersB$375
06-Dec-2015Dynamic Discs Presents the 3rd Annual Hyzer OlympicsMastersB$215
21-Nov-2015Saddle Hills ShowdownMixed Pro OpenC$180
12-Sep to 13-Sep-2015Dynamic Discs Presents the Old Man MemorialAdvanced MastersB
07-Feb-2015North Park Open presented by DiscGolfStation.comMastersC$175
13-Dec to 14-Dec-2014SLD Championships - sponsored by the Scleroderma Foundation - Texas Bluebonnet ChapterAdvanced MastersB
19-Jul to 20-Jul-20141st Annual Trey Texas Sizzling ShowdownMastersB$340
10-May-2014Dynamic Discs Lewisville & Chasin' the Chains Present the Unveiling of Trophy Club U + WGEMastersB$230
15-Mar-2014The Weatherford Open presented by DiscGolfStation.comMastersC$155
01-Dec-2013Chasin' the Chains Presents: The Hyzer OlympicsMastersC$135
03-Aug-2013The Ash Creek Open presented by DiscGolfStation.comMastersC$145
26-Jan-2013Polar OpenMastersC$134
27-Oct-2012The Bear Creek Open presented by DiscGolfStation.comMixed Amateur 1C
06-Oct-2012North Texas Tournament Series - Stop #1 - presented by Straight Line DiscsMastersC$40
09-Jun-2012North Texas Tournament Series presented by Straightline DiscsAdvanced MastersC
04-May-2012Dynamic Discs One Round Challenge @ Lake ParkMixed Amateur 1C
22-Oct-2011Straight Line presents the North Texas Tournament Series #1Advanced MastersC
12-Dec-2010Rivery Park Pro-Am "Winter Meltdown 2"MastersC$170
11-Jul-2010Rivery Park Pro-Am Summer MeltdownMixed Amateur 3C
08-May-2010Dynamic Discs Mother's Day MadnessMixed Amateur 3B