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John Johnson #37578

John Johnson #37578

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Career Wins

30-Mar-2024Discing at the DepotMixed Amateur 50+C
17-Feb-20242024 Ice Bowl At White River (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 50+XC
30-Sep-2023Woodland Creek Classic XI Presented by Innova Discs ALL AMs except MA1Mixed Amateur 50+C
12-Aug to 13-Aug-2023Ralph Williamson Memorial OpenMixed Amateur 50+B
01-Apr to 02-Apr-2023LAKE & SEA 2023 sponsored by MVP Disc SportsMixed Amateur 50+C
18-Feb-2023Ice Bowl At White River Mixed Amateur 2C
19-Nov-2022Cap Sante Challenge - MPO, MA1, FA1, MA50, MA3Mixed Amateur 50+C
29-Oct-2022RWM Acerun 2022 (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 50+XC
14-Aug-2022Sunday Flex at SeaTacMixed Amateur 40+C
23-Jul-20222022 Washington State Senior Games Presented By InnovaMixed Amateur 55+C
09-Jul-2022SeaTac Open - Sponsored by Lone Star DiscMixed Amateur 50+C
25-Jun to 26-Jun-2022Tale of 2 Rivers (Powered by Innova)Mixed Amateur 50+B
08-Jan-2022not NYE, not FRIDAY, Flex StartMixed Amateur 50+C
17-Sep to 19-Sep-20212021 Farragut OpenMixed Amateur 50+B
11-Sep to 12-Sep-2021Throw Pink FUNdraiser 4 (Fall Furies)Mixed Amateur 50+C
21-Aug to 22-Aug-2021Ralph Williamson Memorial OpenMixed Amateur 50+B
07-Aug to 08-Aug-2021Shelton Springs Open Presented by DiscraftMixed Amateur 50+B
31-Jul to 01-Aug-2021Twin Rivers Open - Supported by Innova Champion Discs and Infinite DiscsMixed Amateur 50+B
25-Jul-2021RWMO Acerun ChallengeMixed Amateur 50+C
24-Jul-2021SeaTac OpenMixed Amateur 50+C
03-Jul to 04-Jul-2021NADGT Premier @ Fort SteilacoomMixed Amateur 50+B
12-Jun to 13-Jun-2021Shelton ShowcaseMixed Amateur 50+B
29-May to 30-May-2021Fort Steilacoom Open - Driven by InnovaMixed Amateur 50+A/B
27-Mar-2021LAKE and SEAMixed Amateur 50+C
30-Jan to 31-Jan-2021Ice Bowl at White RiverMixed Amateur 50+C
16-Jan-2021SeaTac Tree Smack 4 (AM, no MA1)Mixed Amateur 50+B
27-Dec-2020GTFO 2020 - Lake Stevens EditionMixed Amateur 50+C
19-Dec-2020Tree Smack 4 FUNdraiserMixed Amateur 50+C
05-Dec-2020Holiday Hucking at the SpringsMixed Amateur 50+C
27-Nov-2020Black Friday FlexMixed Amateur 50+C
24-Oct-2020SeaTac ThrowbackMixed Amateur 50+C
10-Oct to 11-Oct-2020Run for the River, Fall FlingMixed Amateur 50+C
26-Sep to 27-Sep-2020Odus Fall OpenMixed Amateur 50+B
05-Sep to 06-Sep-2020Doug Newland /Washington State Championships Presented by A Advanced Septic & ConstructionMixed Amateur 50+A/B
28-Aug to 30-Aug-2020Kitsap Classic - Driven by Innova, Hosted by A Advanced Septic & ConstructionMixed Amateur 50+A
08-Aug to 09-Aug-2020SeaTac Takeoff 2020Mixed Amateur 50+B
01-Aug to 02-Aug-2020NADGT Premier Event - Ft Steilacoom DGCMixed Amateur 50+B
25-Jul to 26-Jul-2020Twin Rivers Open - Driven by InnovaMixed Amateur 50+B
18-Jul-2020Woodland Creek ClassicMixed Amateur 50+C
27-Jun to 28-Jun-2020Beaver State Bash at Buxton Woods Powered by Prodigy DiscMixed Amateur 50+C
20-Jun to 21-Jun-2020Fort Steilacoom OpenMixed Amateur 50+B
07-Mar-2020Rat City Rumble supported by InnovaMixed Amateur 50+C
18-Jan-2020SeaTac Tree Smack 3 (AM, no MA1)Mixed Amateur 50+B
21-Dec-2019Tree Smack 3 FUNdraiser #3Mixed Amateur 50+C
14-Dec-2019Holiday FlingMixed Amateur 50+C
30-Nov-2019Last Minute ThrowdownMixed Amateur 50+C
20-Oct-2019Tree Smack 3 FUNdraiser #1.5Mixed Amateur 50+C
19-Oct-2019Tree Smack 3 FUNdraiser #1Mixed Amateur 50+C
21-Sep to 22-Sep-20192019 Falling Barn OpenMixed Amateur 50+B
14-Sep-20192019 Throw Pink FUNdraiserMixed Amateur 50+C
31-Aug-2019SeaTac Open sponsored by Dynamic Discs Mixed Amateur 50+C
17-Aug to 18-Aug-2019White River Open Presented by Evergreen Market / Driven by INNOVAMixed Amateur 50+B
21-Jul-20192019 Washington State Senior GamesMixed Amateur 50+C
20-Jul-2019RWMO FUNdraiser #2Mixed Amateur 50+C
15-Jun-2019King of the Jungle presented by Discraft and 360 Disc GolfMixed Amateur 50+C
04-May to 05-May-2019SeaTac Takeoff 2019Mixed Amateur 50+B
20-Apr-2019SeaTac Takeoff FUNdraiser 2Mixed Amateur 50+C
06-Apr-2019Discing at the Depot - MA2, MA3, MA4, FA2, FA1, MA40, MA50Mixed Amateur 50+C
30-Mar to 31-Mar-20192019 Buxton Woods Spring CelebrationMixed Amateur 50+B
23-Mar-2019Run for the RiverMixed Amateur 50+C
09-Mar-2019Rat City RumbleMixed Amateur 50+C
22-Dec-2018Tree Smack 2 FUNdraiserMixed Amateur 50+C
15-Dec-2018Puget Sound Winter Series "Holiday Fling"Mixed Amateur 50+C
13-Oct to 14-Oct-2018Presented by Innova: 2018 Falling Barn Open Pro/AMMixed Amateur 50+B
01-Sep to 02-Sep-2018White River Open Driven by INNOVAMixed Amateur 50+B
16-Jun-2018Woodland Creek Classic (ratings based on 17 Holes, Island Hole removed)Mixed Amateur 50+C
21-Oct-2017Lakewood Fall ClassicAdvanced GrandmastersC
14-Oct-20172017 Falling Barn Open: NSRA 10 Year Anniversary - AmsAdvanced GrandmastersC
12-Aug to 13-Aug-201743rd Annual Washington State Championships - Doug Newland MemorialAdvanced GrandmastersB
08-Jul to 09-Jul-20172017 Bad MonkeyAdvanced GrandmastersB
01-Jul to 02-Jul-20173rd Annual El Guapo OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
13-May-2017Woodland Creek ClassicAdvanced GrandmastersC
18-Mar-2017Run for the RiverAdvanced GrandmastersC
12-Nov-2016Mothership Open presented by InnovaAdvanced GrandmastersC
24-Sep to 25-Sep-2016WA State Championships - World's Oldest - Doug Newland MemorialAdvanced MastersC
10-Sep to 11-Sep-2016Mountain High Disc Golf TournamentAdvanced GrandmastersB
13-Aug to 14-Aug-2016Raymond Seick OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
19-Mar-2016DGOD Presents Buxton Woods Spring CelebrationAdvanced GrandmastersC
18-Jul to 19-Jul-2015The ShowdownAdvanced MastersA/B
20-Jun to 21-Jun-2015White River OpenAdvanced MastersB
02-May to 03-May-2015Lake and Sea OpenAdvanced MastersB
06-Dec-2014Steily with ChiliAdvanced MastersC
27-Sep to 28-Sep-201440th Annual Doug Newland Washington St. ChampionshipsAdvanced MastersC
13-Sep to 14-Sep-201410th Annual White River OpenAdvanced MastersB
02-Nov to 03-Nov-2013Washington State ChampionshipsAdvanced MastersB
14-Sep to 15-Sep-2013White River OpenAdvanced MastersB
15-Jun to 16-Jun-2013Rizzle at the RiverAdvanced MastersC
27-Apr-20131st Annual Treejectory ClassicAdvanced MastersC
26-Jan-2013Auburn Ice BowlAdvanced MastersC
22-Sep to 23-Sep-2012Tri-Cities Open ChampionshipAdvanced MastersB
18-Aug to 19-Aug-20123rd Annual Rising Island OpenAdvanced MastersC
05-May to 06-May-20122012 Aloha Sushi ClassicAdvanced MastersB
12-Nov-2011The Lahar Benefit OpenAdvanced MastersC
04-Jun to 05-Jun-2011Rizzle at the River IIIAdvanced MastersC