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Brian Thompson #25367

Brian Thompson #25367

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Career Wins

14-Jul-2024Let the Sparks Fly FLEXMixed Amateur 65+C
06-Jul-2024Birdogey OpenMixed Pro 60+C
06-Jul-2024Flyin Colors Flex @ Cane Ridge AdvancedMixed Pro 60+C
06-Jul-2024Flyin Colors Flex @ Cane Ridge ShortMixed Pro 60+C
06-Jul-2024Sad Dog Discs Flex Start #38 - White HouseMixed Pro 60+C
23-Jun-2024Dynamic Disc Iron City Tour of Cullman stop 2Mixed Amateur 65+C
22-Jun-20242024 Summer SizzlerMixed Amateur 65+C
16-Jun-2024Beat the Heat presented by Latitude 64 - Naval HillMixed Amateur 60+C
16-Jun-2024Flyin'Colors Flex @ Tom Monroe DGCMixed Pro 60+C
15-Jun-2024Lakeside LuauMixed Amateur 60+C
01-Jun-2024Columbia Clash PART II, presented by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 60+C
31-May-2024Rock the Graveyard presented by Par Train DiscsMixed Pro 65+C
27-May-2024Rocket City Blast - Flex Start MondayMixed Amateur 60+C
25-May-2024Columbia Clash presented by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro 60+C
23-May-2024Rocket City Blast - Flex Start ThursdayMixed Pro 60+C
18-May-20242nd Annual Raleigh Rumble Presented by Dirty Birdie Disc GolfMixed Amateur 60+C
11-May-2024Team Lehman SEA Annual BenefitMixed Amateur 60+C
06-May-2024Sad Dog Discs Flex Start #25A - Cane Ridge AdvancedMixed Pro 60+C
06-May-2024Sad Dog Discs Flex Start #25B - Cane Ridge ShortMixed Pro 60+C
05-May-20245th Mcfarland Park OpenMixed Pro 60+B
04-May-2024Battle at Bowers Mixed Amateur 60+C
27-Apr-2024Don Davidson Spring Has Sprung Flex #1Mixed Amateur 60+C
27-Apr-20242024 MCMB Tee Time Toss presented by Latitude 64 - PinsonMixed Pro 60+C
13-Apr-2024Mississippi Blues Mixed Amateur 65+C
30-Mar-2024The 4th Annual Egg Bowl (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 65+XC
22-Mar to 24-Mar-20242024 NADGT Alabama Premier @ Kudzu CoveMixed Amateur 60+A
17-Mar-2024Dynamic Disc Iron City Tour of CullmanMixed Amateur 65+C
17-Mar-2024Flex of the IrishMixed Amateur 60+C
16-Mar-2024Georgia Highlands College - Disc Golf Take-OffMixed Amateur 60+C
09-Mar-2024Lakeside Sling BreakMixed Amateur 60+C
02-Mar-20242nd Annual Philly FlingMixed Amateur 60+C
24-Feb to 25-Feb-2024Frostbite Open Mixed Amateur 60+B
19-Feb-2024Presidents Day Flex @ Patriot HillsMixed Amateur 60+C
17-Feb-2024Catalpa Creek Classic 2024Mixed Amateur 60+B
09-Feb-2024Lake Howard Flex presented by Dynamic Discs Iron CItyMixed Amateur 60+C
03-Feb-2024Jersey Mike's 24th Annual Groundhog Grappler presented by DiscraftMixed Amateur 60+C
27-Jan-2024Frozen Peach Championship 2024Mixed Amateur 60+B
22-Jan-2024CB x Galacdisc Flex at The HangarMixed Amateur 60+C
13-Jan to 14-Jan-2024Black Warrior Winter Open Mixed Amateur 60+C
30-Dec-2023Fling in the New YearMixed Amateur 60+C
16-Dec-2023Battle at Boone CreekMixed Amateur 60+C
09-Dec-2023Starkville Christmas ClassicMixed Amateur 50+C
02-Dec-20237th Annual Raleigh Winter ClassicMixed Amateur 60+C
25-Nov-2023Freemason Fall Flinger - Presented by Center Point Masonic Lodge #872 and Gateway Disc SportsMixed Amateur 60+C
19-Nov-2023In Memory of Blake Baker Tour of Cullman Flex Series stop #4Mixed Amateur 60+C
18-Nov-20235th Annual Giant Purple People Saver (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 65+XC
11-Nov-2023Title Town Classic—Revenge of the Fifth (Amateur)Mixed Amateur 60+B
10-Nov-2023Title Town Classic Friday FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
04-Nov-2023Tupelo Fall ClassicMixed Amateur 65+C
29-Oct-2023DC Squared Halloween Flex Mixed Amateur 65+C
28-Oct-2023Chautauqua Park OpenMixed Amateur 60+C
14-Oct-2023Lake Lowndes Fall BrawlMixed Amateur 60+C
07-Oct-20232nd Annual Blake Baker Memorial TournamentMixed Amateur 65+C
28-Sep-2023Big Rip Flex - Arctic FoxMixed Amateur 60+C
23-Sep-2023PRODIGY Presents: 2023 Mule DayMixed Amateur 60+C
23-Sep to 24-Sep-20232023 Iron Thrown Series Event #5Mixed Amateur 65+C
22-Sep-2023Freshwater FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
15-Sep to 17-Sep-20238th Annual Weapons of Grass DestructionMixed Amateur 60+B
09-Sep-2023Disc Golf Goes Pink 2023Mixed Amateur 60+C
04-Sep-2023DDIC Labor Day Flex - SinglesMixed Amateur 60+C
02-Sep-2023Cupcake KickoffMixed Amateur 65+C
02-Sep-2023You're FLEXY & you know it! - Day RoundMixed Amateur 60+C
26-Aug-2023Tuscaloosa End of Summer FlexMixed Amateur 65+C
26-Aug-2023Kudzu Cove Circuit Event - FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
20-Aug-2023In Memory of Blake Baker Tour of Cullman Flex Series stop #3Mixed Amateur 60+C
19-Aug-2023Dawg Daze Open 2023Mixed Amateur 60+C
29-Jul to 30-Jul-202310th Annual Reservoir Dawgs OpenMixed Amateur 60+B
15-Jul-20232023 NADGT: C-Tier @ Bud HillMixed Amateur 60+C
08-Jul to 09-Jul-20232023 Iron Thrown Series Event #4Mixed Amateur 65+C
04-Jul-2023Red, White & Boom! Independence Day Flex Start by Dynamic Discs Iron CityMixed Amateur 60+C
24-Jun-20232023 Summer SizzlerMixed Amateur 65+C
10-Jun-20232023 Alabama State Games (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 65+XC
20-May to 21-May-20232023 Iron Thrown Series Event #3Mixed Amateur 60+C
13-May-2023Team Lehman SEA 2nd Annual BenefitMixed Amateur 60+C
06-May-2023Aerial Assault at The Hangar - The Legacy LivesMixed Amateur 60+C
14-Apr to 16-Apr-2023The Magic City Mega Bowl presented by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 65+A
01-Apr-2023The Club Collab: SRDG & CDCMixed Amateur 60+C
11-Mar-2023The Battle at Bowers IIIMixed Amateur 60+C
04-Mar-2023Spring Fling Flex! Mixed Amateur 60+C
26-Feb-2023Billy's Birthday BashMixed Amateur 60+C
28-Jan-2023Frozen Peach Championship Mixed Amateur 60+C
14-Jan-2023Dynamic Discs NWA Presents: Tupelo Chain FreezeMixed Amateur 60+C
17-Dec-2022Rocket City Winter Classic 2Mixed Amateur 60+C
11-Dec-2022Sunday Flex Series - Hangar Mixed Amateur 60+C
25-Nov-2022Black Friday FlexMixed Amateur 60+C
19-Nov-2022Turkey Tantrum IIMixed Amateur 60+C
29-Oct-2022Title Town Classic - Fore! (AM)Mixed Amateur 60+B
15-Oct-2022C-Town ThrowdownMixed Amateur 65+C
02-Oct-2022Sunday Flex Series - Palmore Mixed Amateur 65+C
24-Sep-2022Mule Day 2022: Sponsored By Prodigy DiscMixed Amateur 60+C
17-Sep-2022Raleigh's Place Charity Flex Event (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 60+XC
10-Sep-2022Jason Laughlin Memorial Tournament presented by Dynamic Discs Mixed Amateur 60+C
03-Sep-2022Labor Day AssaultMixed Amateur 60+C
27-Aug to 28-Aug-20222022 NADGT State Championship Series: Alabama Presented by MINT DiscsMixed Amateur 60+B
20-Aug to 21-Aug-2022Iron Thrown 22 Event 4Mixed Amateur 60+C
13-Aug-2022Disc Golf Goes Pink 2022Mixed Amateur 60+C
05-Aug to 07-Aug-2022The Magic City Mega Bowl presented by Dynamic Discs + WGEMixed Amateur 60+A
04-Aug-2022MCMB Flex Start C-Tier presented by Latitude 64 - Humble TreeMixed Amateur 60+C
23-Jul-2022Blazin Birdies at BowersMixed Amateur 60+C
04-Jul-2022New Hope "FORE"th of July Presented by Disc CrazyMixed Amateur 65+C
25-Jun-20222022 Summer SizzlerMixed Amateur 60+C
18-Jun to 19-Jun-2022Iron Thrown 22 Event 3Mixed Amateur 60+C
12-Jun-2022Sunday Flex Series - Sizzler at OCMixed Amateur 60+C
11-Jun-2022DGB Tournament Series #1Mixed Amateur 60+C
22-May-2022Rocket City Flex At Indian CreekMixed Amateur 60+C
14-May-2022Team Lehman SEA BenefitMixed Amateur 60+C
07-May-2022Aerial Assault - Creating a LegacyMixed Amateur 60+C
23-Apr-20223nd Annual Mud Bug Birdie BashMixed Amateur 60+C
16-Apr to 17-Apr-2022Iron Thrown 22 Flex Event 2Mixed Amateur 60+C
09-Apr-2022The Clash at ChoccoloccoMixed Amateur 60+C
03-Apr-2022Learn Your Lines with JDGMixed Amateur 60+C
02-Apr-20222022 Fools’ Fest Mixed Amateur 60+C
12-Mar-2022Battle at Bowers Warmup Mixed Amateur 60+C
12-Mar-2022RBC Spring Flex 2022Mixed Amateur 60+C
19-Feb to 20-Feb-2022Iron Thrown 22 Event 1Mixed Amateur 60+C
12-Feb-2022Frozen Gnome IV presented by Full Flight DiscMixed Amateur 60+B
29-Jan-2022Frozen Disc Championship Mixed Amateur 60+C
08-Jan-2022Throwdown at Bowers - The FinaleMixed Amateur 60+C
04-Dec-2021Redstone Arsenal OpenMixed Amateur 60+XC
26-Nov-2021Turkey TantrumMixed Amateur 60+C
30-Oct-2021Title Town Classic—Nummer DreiMixed Amateur 60+B
16-Oct-2021C-Town ThrowdownMixed Amateur 60+C
10-Oct-2021Albatross At The EagleMixed Amateur 60+B
02-Oct-2021The Gordon Bombay Invitational Mixed Amateur 60+C
25-Sep-2021IronThrown Disc Golf Tour- Presented by DD Iron City - FinaleMixed Amateur 60+C
14-Aug to 15-Aug-2021IronThrown Disc Golf Tour- Presented by DD Iron City - Event 6Mixed Amateur 60+C
31-Jul-2021Throwdown at The Hangar - Flex Series Stop 2Mixed Amateur 60+C
24-Jul to 25-Jul-2021IronThrown Disc Golf Tour- Presented by DD Iron City - Event 5Mixed Amateur 60+C
24-Jul-2021ASOF Scholarship Shootout Presented by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 60+C
03-Jul-2021Firecracker FlingMixed Amateur 60+C
05-Jun-2021Throwdown at OC - Flex Series Stop 1Mixed Amateur 60+C
29-May-2021The Winfield OpenMixed Amateur 60+C
15-May-2021Aerial Assault at The Hangar - Presented by Legacy DiscMixed Amateur 60+C
24-Apr-2021Redstone Rain or Shine sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 60+C
02-Apr-2021Throwdown at Palmore - Flex StartMixed Amateur 60+C
20-Mar-2021The Battle at Bowers - Powered by Prodigy DiscMixed Amateur 60+C
06-Mar-2021The Jasper FreezeMixed Amateur 60+C
21-Feb-2021Eastbound and Down at Hobbs Farm Day 2Mixed Amateur 60+C
06-Dec-2020Country Hills Thriller Driven by Innova Ignited by Nashville Disc Golf StoreMixed Amateur 60+C
21-Nov-2020The Lion's DenMixed Amateur 60+B
14-Nov-2020Giant Purple People Saver Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 60+C
19-Jul-2020Skeeter HeaterMixed Amateur 60+C
18-Jul-202037th Annual Spring Fling - ItMixed Amateur 60+C
20-Jun-20202020 Summer SizzlerMixed Amateur 60+C
08-Dec-2019Christmas at the CreekMixed Amateur 60+C
27-Oct-2019The Lula Record RaceMixed Amateur 50+C
19-Oct-2019Chains on the Links VI - Sponsored by Latitude 64Mixed Amateur 60+B
05-Oct-2019Downtown Throwdown VMixed Amateur 60+C
28-Sep to 29-Sep-2019Volunteer Classic XIVMixed Amateur 60+B
21-Sep to 22-Sep-201945th Annual Alabama Flying Disc ChampionshipsMixed Amateur 60+B
31-Aug to 01-Sep-2019Secret City Classic 2 - Presented by Smoky Mountain DiscsMixed Amateur 60+B
18-Aug-2019Skeeter Heater XVMixed Amateur 60+B
10-Aug-2019Summer Breeze at Mastin LakeMixed Amateur 50+C
20-Jul-2019Salute at the VA Ignited by Nashville Disc Golf Store- Sponsored by DiscmaniaMixed Amateur 60+C
07-Jul-2019Athens Regional Park Short TeesMixed Amateur 60+B
26-May-20192019 Mike Lane Classic Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 60+C
19-May-2019The Barfield Open X: Driven by InnovaMixed Amateur 60+B
17-Mar-2019Long Hollow Open Ignited by Nashville Disc Golf Store and Driven by InnovaMixed Amateur 60+C
24-Nov-2018Belch'n Turkey XVI - Sponsored by DiscraftMixed Amateur 60+B
03-Nov-2018"Etowah Fall Salute"Mixed Amateur 60+C
27-Oct-2018Chains on the Links V - Sponsored by Latitude 64Mixed Amateur 60+B
12-Oct to 14-Oct-2018The Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic presented by REC TEC GrillsMixed Amateur 60+A
29-Sep to 30-Sep-2018Kentucky State Disc Golf ChampionshipsMixed Amateur 60+A
16-Sep-2018Rutherford AnniversaryMixed Amateur 60+B
26-Aug-2018White House Huk Fest: Driven by Innova and Nashville Disc Golf StoreMixed Amateur 60+C
25-Aug-2018Josie's Journey Open - Powered by ProdigyMixed Amateur 60+C
26-May to 27-May-20182018 Rocket City Blast Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 60+B
12-May-2018Throwmageddon sponsored by Latitude 64Mixed Amateur 60+C
17-Mar-2018Mulekick OpenMixed Amateur 40+C
10-Feb-2018Jasper Freeze 2018Mixed Amateur 50+C
25-Nov-2017Belch'n Turkey XVAdvanced Senior GrandmastersB
18-Nov-2017DGB Fall Series - Event #3Advanced GrandmastersC
11-Nov-20172nd Annual Joe Wheeler Fall ShootoutAdvanced Senior GrandmastersC
04-Nov to 05-Nov-201743rd annual Alabama State Flying Disc ChampionshipAdvanced Senior GrandmastersB
28-Oct-2017Chains on the Links IV sponsored by Latitude 64Advanced Senior GrandmastersB
20-Aug-2017The Skeeter Heater 2017Advanced Senior GrandmastersB
29-Jul to 30-Jul-2017The Open at Callaway Gardens presented by INNOVA Advanced Senior GrandmastersB
02-Jun to 04-Jun-2017Tennessee State Disc Golf ChampionshipsAdvanced Senior GrandmastersA
07-May-2017Grip-N-Rip Presents The Birdie and The BeastAdvanced GrandmastersC
04-Mar-2017Grip-N-Rip Presents Hyzers and HoodiesAdvanced GrandmastersC
12-Feb-2017The Don Shannon Memorial presented by InnovaAdvanced GrandmastersC
21-Jan-2017Frostbite OpenAdvanced GrandmastersC
26-Nov-2016Belch'n Turkey XIVAdvanced GrandmastersB
29-Oct to 30-Oct-201642nd Annual Alabama State Flying Disc ChampionshipAdvanced GrandmastersB
23-Oct-2016DGB All In The Fall Series - Event #2Advanced MastersC
25-Sep-2016Middle Tennessee State ChampionshipAdvanced GrandmastersB
21-Aug-2016Skeeter HeaterAdvanced GrandmastersB
13-Aug to 14-Aug-20162016 Columbus OpenAdvanced GrandmastersB
15-May-2016Birdie and the BeastAdvanced MastersC
12-Dec-2015DGB Christmas ClassicAdvanced MastersB
24-Oct to 25-Oct-201541st Alabama State Flying Disc ChampionshipAdvanced GrandmastersB
27-Sep-2015EAT SLEEP DISC Sunday Series #2 - Hanceville HuckAdvanced MastersC
21-Apr-2012Sampson Dentistry's "The Jawdropper" presented by Eat Sleep DiscAdvanced MastersC
19-Aug-2006The Fox HuntMixed Amateur 1B OpenAdvanced MastersC
05-Oct to 06-Oct-19961996 Florida Flying Disc ChampionshipsMixed Amateur 2B