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Trey Brazell #232741

Trey Brazell #232741

Trey Brazell 232741's picture
Trey Brazell 232741's picture

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Career Wins

12-Jul-2024Crush Friday Flex #9 - Polo's Mesker MadnessMixed Amateur 3C
27-May-2024Bankers' Day #3 - Breaking the (Brittle)BankMixed Amateur 3C
14-Apr-2024High On the HillsMixed Amateur 3C
13-Apr-2024The NoOB 6 sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 3C
03-Mar-2024WIFFS - Pride of Petersburg (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Amateur 3XC
16-Dec-2023Crush Flex Finale - Spectacular SaturdayMixed Amateur 3C
03-Nov-2023Crush Friday Flex #12 - Carving Up Mesker A PSO WarmupMixed Amateur 3C
20-Oct-2023Crush Friday Flex #11 Autumn at AtkinsonMixed Amateur 3C
09-Oct-2023Bankers' Day #8 - FCCMixed Amateur 3C
22-Sep-2023Crush Friday Flex #9 Money Makin' MeskerMixed Amateur 3C
08-Sep-2023Crush Friday Flex #8 S4SD Warm UpMixed Amateur 3C
30-Apr-2023Mullet Weekend ThrasherMixed Amateur 4C/B
22-Apr-2023The NoOB 5 presented by Accelerated Growth Capital and Dynamic DiscsMixed Amateur 4C