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Jonathan Umel #184940

Jonathan Umel #184940

Jonathan Umel 184940's picture
Jonathan Umel 184940's picture

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Career Wins

29-Mar-2024Friday Flex Tournament at Meadowbrook 1 of 6Mixed Pro OpenC$78
11-Aug-2023Circle 1 Flex Series @ Boom Field #7Mixed Pro OpenC$66
23-Jun-2023Coggs Friday Flex Tournament 2023 4 of 6Mixed Pro OpenC$26
16-Jun-2023Bellamy Park Flex Start Mixed Pro OpenC$30
14-May-2023Acker's Acres May MayhemMixed Amateur 1B
29-Apr-2023Spring Breakout at BellamyMixed Amateur 1C
28-Apr-2023Spring Breakout Flex at BellamyMixed Amateur 1C
15-Apr-2023The 2023 Ham Bell Classic Mixed Amateur 1B
29-Sep-2022Hollows Fall Classic Flex NorthMixed Amateur 1C