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Drew Smith #16073

Drew Smith #16073

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Career Wins

10-Jun-20232023 Battlefield Open presented by Play it Again SportsMixed Pro 50+B$183
18-Sep-2022Dorey Park Championships presented by Play It Again Sports - Pro, MA1, MA40Mixed Pro 50+C$166
30-Jul-20222022 Anhyzers for Autism Presented by Good Sports Disc Golf - MPO,FPO,MP40,MP50,MP60,FP40,MA1,FA1,MA40,FA40 (CEP Charity-Rated)Mixed Pro 50+XC$155
11-Jun-2022Battlefield Open presented by Play it Again Sports Mixed Pro 50+B$207
14-May to 15-May-2022ODDS # 5 Tour De Richmond Presented By Play it Again SportsMixed Pro 50+B$184
01-May-2022RCCS #4 - Gillies Creek Park presented by Play It Again Sports - Affiliate Club MemberMixed Pro OpenXC$60
17-Apr-2022Birds of a Feather- HawkMixed Pro 50+C$102
30-Dec-2021Social C's 2021 #12- Holiday HuckMixed Pro 50+C$55
06-Nov to 07-Nov-202124th Annual Colonial Fall ColorsMixed Pro 50+B$300
28-Oct-2021Social C's #10- Big and ScaryMixed Pro 40+C$72
16-Oct to 17-Oct-2021Raptor's Roost Open (Pros, MA1, MA2, FA1)Mixed Pro 50+B$310
02-Jul-2021Good Sports Summer Slam-Event #1-Rage at the RoostMixed Pro 40+C$60
23-May-2021Anhyzers for Autism Presented by Good Sports Disc Golf - Pro, Advanced & IntermediateMixed Pro 50+C$118
25-Feb-2021Social C's 2021 #2- February FlingMixed Pro 50+C$66
21-Feb-2021Betty Queen Open - Pro and MA1Mixed Pro 40+C$80
15-Feb-2021Presidents’ Day Monster BashMixed Pro 40+C$62
28-Jan-2021Social C's 2021 #1- Winter WingMixed Pro 50+C$73
18-Dec-2020The Secretariat at PendletonMixed Pro 40+C$125
25-Nov-2020Social C's #7- Wing ThingMixed Pro 40+C$60
31-Oct-2020Lake Marshall OpenMixed Pro 50+B$224
10-Oct-2020Raptor's Roost OpenMixed Pro 50+B$252
24-Sep-2020Social C's #5- Taste of the TalonMixed Pro 40+C$94
30-Jul-2020Social C's #3- Tossing at the CrossingMixed Pro 50+C$55
14-Dec-2019The Secretariat at PendletonMixed Pro 40+C$78
31-Mar-2019K'Crushka V! - All Pro and MA1Mixed Pro 40+B/C$250
17-Feb-2019Betty Queen Open - Pro and MA1Mixed Pro 40+C$70
25-Nov-20182018 Bryan Park Championships Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro 40+C$120
09-Jun-2018Battlefield Open 2018 - Presented by RVA Disc Life Mixed Pro 40+C$130
22-May-2018Sunnyside ChampionshipMixed Pro 40+C$65
05-May to 06-May-2018Tour De Richmond Sponsored by Westside Discs and RVA Disc LifeMixed Pro 40+B$325
17-Dec-2017The Secretariat at Pendleton Golf ClubMastersC$115
28-Oct to 29-Oct-2017Prodigy presents The Laurels- ProMastersB$355
08-Oct-2017Mountain Jam XVI -ProMastersC$160
10-Jun-2017Otter Brook Summer SlapMastersC$80
19-Nov-2016P.Hill Fall FinaleMastersB$205
15-Oct to 16-Oct-2016The Hollows Fall Classic sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMastersB$280
11-Jun-2016Otter Brook Summer SlapMixed Pro OpenC$84
13-Sep-2015Otter Brook Open 2Mixed Pro OpenC$113
04-Jun-2011Dragon Disc Golf Championships (non-Open)MastersC$50