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Benjamin Stemen #100815

Benjamin Stemen #100815

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Ben stemen's picture

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Career Wins

25-May to 26-May-2024The Sarasota Championship powered by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro OpenA$1,085
11-May-2024Monster de MayoMixed Pro OpenC$200
04-May-20242024 Charlotte County OpenMixed Pro OpenC$235
20-Jan-2024Team Figgins Open 4.0 - Sponsored by Dynamic DiscsMixed Pro OpenB$512
14-Oct-2023Saucer TosserMixed Pro OpenC$73
23-Sep-2023Tortoise Run Grand Opening FundraiserMixed Pro OpenC$81
05-Aug-2023Charlotte County OpenMixed Pro OpenC$330
04-Aug-2023Charlotte County Flex StartMixed Pro OpenC
17-Jun-20232nd Annual Pohlman MemorialMixed Pro OpenC$160
13-May-2023Sun King presents Throw Down the Mountain XI - Flex Start 1Mixed Pro OpenC$58
11-Mar-2023ABBA Ascent presented by Latitude 64Mixed Pro OpenC$207
17-Feb-2023GCCO Flex Start Friday presented by Latitude 64Mixed Pro OpenC$77
28-Jan-2023Team Figgins Open 3.0Mixed Pro OpenB$608
06-Jan-2023Tocobaga Games Flex Start Friday presented by Latitude 64 - 2023Mixed Pro OpenC$115
19-Nov-2022Corkscrew Open 5 Driven by Innova Sponsored by Huck and Hope Disc GolfMixed Pro OpenC/B$188
12-Nov-20222022 Franklin Freedom Flex StartMixed Pro OpenC$31
16-Jul to 17-Jul-20222022 Hotter Than Hades presented by Tri-Fly Disc GolfMixed Pro OpenC$343
02-Jul-2022Sun King/Millennium present Independence Day Clash IXMixed Pro OpenC/B$199
30-May-2022Holloway for Honduras Fundraiser (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Pro OpenXC$105
28-May to 29-May-20222022 Jim Widick MemorialMixed Pro OpenB$845
21-May-2022Mayday! of the DiscMixed Pro OpenB$542
14-May-2022Bray in May Mixed Pro OpenC$221
30-Apr-20222022 Zambia Open Fundraiser Flex Start - Watertower Park (CEP Charity - Rated)Mixed Pro OpenXC$60
23-Apr-2022The 2022 Freedom Open Mixed Pro OpenC$230
26-Feb-2022Lakeland Launch presented by Latitude 64Mixed Pro OpenC$166
04-Feb-2022TFO 2.0 WarmupMixed Pro OpenC$64
29-Jan-2022Lighthouse Open presented by Latitude 64Mixed Pro OpenC$178
11-Dec-2021Snake & Lake by Sarasota Sky PilotsMixed Pro OpenC$264
16-Oct-2021Celtic Ray Open presented by CCDGCMixed Pro OpenC$213
02-Oct to 03-Oct-20212021 Tampa Area Charity OpenMixed Pro OpenC/B$180
04-Sep to 05-Sep-20212021 Labor Day Weekend LuauMixed Pro OpenC/B$250
28-Aug-2021Gainesville Innova C-TierMixed Pro OpenC$221
04-Jun-2021GCCO Flex Start Friday presented by Latitude 64Mixed Pro OpenC$67
29-May to 30-May-20212021 Jim Widick Memorial by Sarasota Sky PilotsMixed Pro OpenB$483
22-May-20212021 Widick WarmupMixed Pro OpenC$39
15-May-2021Bray in MayMixed Pro OpenC$383
24-Apr-2021(Fools') Day of the DiscMixed Pro OpenC$130
10-Apr-20212021 Zambia Open Fundraiser Flex Start - Cliff Stephens ParkMixed Pro OpenC$83
13-Mar-20212021 Zambia Open Fundraiser Flex Start - North Water Tower ParkMixed Pro OpenC$65
02-Jan-2021Franklin Freedom Charity Flex StartMixed Pro OpenC$50
27-Nov-2020Sun King presents Black Friday Open 2020GoldC
03-Oct-20202020 Charlotte County Open Driven by INNOVAMixed Pro OpenC$131
12-Sep-20202020 Widick Warmup by Sarasota Sky PilotsMixed Pro OpenC$85
11-Jul-2020Sun King/Elite DG present 3rd Annual Ft. Pierce Open powered by Pawel HanczarukMixed Pro OpenC$250
22-Feb-2020Palm Beach Classic 2020Mixed Pro OpenC$260
27-Nov-201950 Shades of GravyMixed Pro OpenC$57
05-Oct-2019Fat Point OpenMixed Pro OpenC$140
13-Jul-2019Sun King/Elite DG present 2nd Annual Ft. Pierce OpenMixed Pro OpenB$400
06-Jul-2019Sun King/Millennium present Independence Day Clash VIMixed Pro OpenC$170
08-Jun-2019Above Gravity presents Junior World Championships Jump StartMixed Pro OpenC$45
11-May-2019Chain Hawk Spring FlingMixed Pro OpenC$293
13-Apr-2019Palmetto Trails Inaugural TournamentMixed Pro OpenC$110
06-Apr-2019Palmetto Trails April Flex StartMixed Pro OpenC
30-Jun-2018Sun King/Millennium present Independence Day Clash VMixed Pro OpenC$215
12-May-2018Chain Hawk Spring Fling + WGEMixed Pro OpenC$140
18-Nov-2017Sun King/Innova Discs present Rumble in the Jungle 2Mixed Pro OpenC$230