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World Champions Crowned

World Champions Crowned

2024 Masters Worlds - Final Recap

Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 18:39

PDGA World Championships are designed to test every single player that shows up to compete for the sport's highest honor.

It's a week-long grind against worldwide competition and, particularly this week in Emporia, Kansas, the elements.

Early-week storms gave way to sizzling temperatures and the standard Kansas winds but the battle continued until the very end at the 2024 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships.


Joe Rovere (MP40). Photo: Justin Anderson / PDGA

Twenty-four PDGA World Champions were crowned in a number of ways: the continued dominance of Ohn Scoggins and Joe Rovere; the incredible comeback story of JohnE McCray; a second PDGA World Championship 34 years later; late-week surges in divisions that were close from the first tee; and playoffs to determine the champion.

Scoggins continued her absolute lock on the FP40 field with a dominating win and her fourth-straight title. Rovere didn't blink as the MP40 field continues to get deeper and deeper for his third-straight. Amy Schiller, the 1990 PDGA FPO World Champion, grabbed another title in FP60.


Amy Schiller (FP60). Photo: PDGA


Mika Kollanus (MA55). Photo: Justin Anderson / PDGA

Bill Rohe (MP65), Harvey Brandt (MP70), Kevin Babbitt (MP55), LaurieCloyes-Chupa (FP65), Daniel Schnabel (MA40), Michelle Swan (FA50), Mika Kollanus (MA55), Angie Jones (FA55), Ron Smith (MA60), Scott Conner (MA65) and Gene Kouba (MA75) all won by five strokes or fewer.


Andrew Back (MP60). Photo: Justin Anderson / PDGA


Jonas Pärtma & Jeffrey Romig (MA50). Photo: Justin Anderson / PDGA

Ninety-nine holes wasn't enough to settle MP60 and MA50. Ohio's Andrew Back battled back from eighth place after the first round and won his first PDGA Major in a playoff over Mitch McClellan, who surged in Saturday morning's semifinal. Jeffrey Romig and Sweden's Jonas Pärtma battled all week in MA50 but it was Romig heading back to Ilinois with a PDGA World Championship.


Juliana Korver (FP50). Photo: Justin Anderson / PDGA

Juliana Korver (FP50) and Elaine King (FP55) added titles to their incredible careers. There was an MP80 division, with Pete May winning his 15th PDGA Major title.

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