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Seeking Hosts for 2025 PDGA Majors

Seeking Hosts for 2025 PDGA Majors

Bids are due November 1

Tuesday, July 4, 2023 - 09:56

Proposals to host a 2025 PDGA Major will be accepted from July 3 through November 1, 2023.

This includes the PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship, the PDGA Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championship, the PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships, the PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships, and the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships. The 2025 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships has already been awarded as part of a two-year commitment to the host.

See the 2025 PDGA Major Bid Packages »

The PDGA will continue the prioritization of specific PDGA Major events in an attempt to provide more balanced and viable opportunities for our Hosts by reducing the potential for geographic conflict. Should the PDGA not receive viable bids for both Masters Worlds and U.S. Masters during a particular bid cycle, or if the only viable bids for both are from regions within geographic proximity, the PDGA will place the priority on Masters Worlds, and not hold a U.S. Masters event during that year.

To clarify the crossover of certain female divisions held at multiple National Championship events, the PDGA will award national titles to all female divisions at the U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships, which will take precedence over the winners of those divisions at the U.S. Masters and U.S. Junior Disc Golf Championships.  This means the winners of the female-only (Pro and Amateur) divisions at U.S. Masters and the winners of the female-only divisions at the U.S. Juniors are not national championship titles, as those national titles are only awarded at the U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships. 

“The PDGA is excited for the 2025 season of major disc golf championships. The growth and improvements in our sport over the last few years has been mirrored by the improving quality of major events that are hosted each year,” PDGA Director of Operations Doug Bjerkaas said. “Over the last several years, we have seen incredible growth in the number of members wishing to compete for a Championship title. The future of these Championships looks bright. We can’t wait to see the bar raised as the events continue to grow, and we are thrilled to receive and review bids for these 2025 events!”

For each of its World Championships, the PDGA seeks hosts and encourages bids from around the world. An experienced disc golf club, non/for-profit businesses, an individual working in conjunction with a community sports commission, visitor’s bureau, and/or facilities owner can submit a bid to host an event, or a combination thereof. U.S. National Championships must be contested within the U.S.

All bids are reviewed by PDGA Staff and Board of Directors and a host is selected based upon the experience with running a large sanctioned disc golf event, contents of the bid, suitable facilities, proximity of courses/venues to each other, as well as various other requirements. The 2025 PDGA Majors Bid Packages can be viewed and/or downloaded from the documents section at the bottom of the PDGA Major Events page. By awarding the bid to host these events by the end of 2023, the eventual Hosts will be provided ample time to ensure a high-quality experience for all PDGA Major Event competitors, supporters, and spectators.

We want to thank the many dedicated volunteers, tournament directors, event sponsors, city hosts, and everyone involved in making these events possible, and look forward to the future of these great PDGA Major Championships!