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League Report Spreadsheet

League Report Spreadsheet

Last updated: Sunday, November 1, 2020 - 14:10

PDGA Tournament Manager allows you to submit all league data online to meet reporting requirements without having to submit the League Report Spreadsheet.  If you would like to continue using the spreadsheet, you may do so and simply upload it instead of emailing it as an attachment. 

The League Report Spreadsheet is a tool for clubs to track the results of a league automatically, and following submission, each member will be able to view the results on the event page on  This simplified event report is an Excel spreadsheet, and will track names and scores for easy uploading to the website.  This spreadsheet also allows for more detailed stats such as hole-by-hole scores, win/loss record and more for the dedicated and statistic-loving League Directors.

See note on coding pro and am division codes separately when running a handicap league so each player earns pro or am PDGA points, respectively.

The Summary Tab is optional for TDs to track payouts etc. It is not needed by the PDGA Office for importing.