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What are the Birdie, Ace and Eagle Clubs?

The Birdie, Ace and Eagle Clubs are premium membership upgrades that enable the PDGA to continue to strengthen our programs, grants, and activities globally including:

  • Diversity and Outreach Grants
  • Youth and Education Grants
  • Competition Endowment Program
  • Marco Polo Grant Program – an International Initiative
  • Player and Course Rating Systems
  • Marketing of the PDGA Majors
  • Support for the PDGA Website and Media Initiatives
  • Upkeep of our sport's permanent home, the International Disc Golf Center

Birdie Club members receive a Birdie Club logo disc and Birdie Club Bag Tag. Ace Club members receive an Ace Club logo disc, a PDGA Ace Club logo shirt, Ace Club metal mini, and an Ace Club Bag Tag. Eagle Club members receive a lifetime membership, two personalized Eagle Club logo discs, and an Eagle Club softshell jacket. All members of these clubs are listed on our website in a premium member list along with a designation on their player profile. If you would like to upgrade your membership and are current for the calendar year, please contact the Memberships Manager.