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Starting A Women-Only League

Starting A Women-Only League

Last updated: Saturday, December 7, 2019 - 14:34

Why Start a Women’s League?

Most of us women who play disc golf (pro and amateurs alike would love to see more women in the sport. If you’d like to see more females in our sport, a women’s league is a great place to start! A league offers a casual introduction to competitive Disc Golf , giving women the ability to meet new friends, gain confidence, and learn from each other women in an enjoyable, encouraging atmosphere.

The hardest part may initially be getting the women to the course, but once you make that connection and they see progression in their game, the Disc Golf seed will be planted. Try these tips below for starting, promoting, and running your league, and keeping your members committed to coming back!

Starting Your League - Taking the first steps

  • Choose a Name- Some leagues choose a name that can be abbreviated but that’s not a requirement. Just give your league a name that is fun and catchy while clearly highlighting that that it is for women only..
  • Choose a Location- Choose a shorter course that is beginner-friendly for hosting your league so newbies don’t get discouraged. Once you chose your location, check with any local club(s) for permission to run your league and see if there are complications you need to work through.
  • Choose a Day/Time- Will this league be weekly or monthly? Try to pick a time when the course is not as busy, but would also be compatible with the average person’s work schedule. Most leagues either play on weeknights, or early mornings on the weekend.
  • Ask for Donations- Ask local players league members to donate some used, understable lightweight discs to your league, providing discs for the women who don’t own any or those who want to try something different.
  • Keep it Casual- When you see women on the course, invite them to your league by giving them your phone number or email address. Assure them that all skill levels and ages are welcome. Emphasize that it is a fun learning experience, an opportunity to play with other women, and that being on a league and playing regularly can help improve their game.

Promoting the league:

  • Design a logo for your league .You might find that one or more of your members are creative and artistic.
  • Create flyers and business cards with the league logo and contact information.
  • Post the flyers at all local courses and personally hand out the cards to women you see on the course.
  • Network with male golfers. Let them know about the league so they can pass the word to the women in the lives and encourage them to join.
  • Contact and add your league to their list on -Reach out to local disc golf companies, leagues and tournament directors for their help in promoting, supporting and donating items to the league.
  • Share your league information through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and DiscGolfScene.

Running the league:

  • Host a mixed doubles event before the league starts, so women who play with their significant other can have a chance to meet members of the women’s league. Having a few familiar faces around can make that first league night more comfortable.
  • Keep the league atmosphere positive, relaxed andencouraging, keeping in mind ”she who has the most fun” wins.
  • On first league night of each season, open with a meet and greet/ instructional session to warmly inform those who have never played before.
  • Hold league night every week regardless of attendance to encourage turnout, keep the routine consistent and prove you are committed.
  • If getting women to commit to a weekly league seems like too much, too soon, consider trying a monthly round and building from there..
  • Each league night can open with a learning session, giving members a chance to test their new techniques on the course.
  • Depending on the skill levels of your league players, you can decide if you want it to be a competitive venue just for fun, or a combination of both.
  • League format option include singles, doubles, or one-disc night. Try to pair new players with experienced players to lead the group, keep scores, and answer questions about rules or etiquette.
  • Mix it up! Create a travel league where you meet once per month at different courses in your area. This is a great way to meet more women in your state who are not close enough to play in your league regularly but may be interested in playing tournaments or running a league of their own.
  • Print out scorecardsso players can gauge their improvement through the weeks. Give an award to the most improved player at the end of the season.
  • Allow “mulligans” for new players so they have a chance to redeem a bad throw and instantly learn from their mistakes.
  • Have a stasg if mini markers so you can teach the rules of the game as you go along. -Keep the competitive fun factor high through various contests; closest to the pin (CTP), longest putt, best opposite hand throw or farthest mini toss.
  • Encourage existing league members to bring a friend, maybe offer a reward (mini, sticker, disc, towel, chocolate, extra mulligan) for anyone who brings a friend to the next league night.
  • If women want to come with their male significant other to league for support and a familiar face, have them form their own group of spouses/boyfriends. This group of men can play in a group together on the course, just not with the women.

Keep Them Coming Back:

  • Celebrate league every week: make it a girls night out! Have everyone bring a snack to share after the round to make it more of a social gathering.
  • Encourage the women to bring their children if they are old enough to play along. This will eliminate the babysitter issues.
  • Utilize your social media outlets to keep everyone informed of league times or changes in the schedule.
  • Give out tickets for a raffle depending on how many league nights the player attended, and have a drawing at the end of season to win donated swag from the local club. -During the winter months you may not run the league, create non-disc golf casual events for the women to participate in like bowling, movie night or dinner.
  • When it’s too cold to play outside maybe you can have league night in someone’s basement and bring small baskets for a mini toss extravaganza, or a Q & A competition on PDGA tournament rules with prizes.
  • Order shirts/towels/bag tags/minis with your league’s logo on them, so that the women feel that they are part of a group. This is also a great way to raise funds, so you can purchase items for prizes for your league.

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