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Heading Out West

Heading Out West

2025 PDGA Champions Cup moving to California

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - 07:19

As work continues on the restoration of the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia, USA, the PDGA has determined that the 2025 PDGA Champions Cup will not be contested at the site of the inaugural edition of the event.

For 2025, the fourth running of the PDGA Major will have a temporary home and will still hold its spot as a spring Major on the schedule at Swenson Park Disc Golf Course in Stockton, California, USA and will run from Thursday, May 1 through Sunday, May 4, 2025. Swenson Park is home to the proven elite-level track of the OTB Open.

“It is critically important that when the Champions Cup returns to the IDGC, that it is played on a course that is truly elite, from challenging fairways to spectator accommodations,” said Doug Bjerkaas, Executive Director for the PDGA. “The staff at the PDGA and IDGC take tremendous pride in this event and the decision to relocate the event again in 2025 was not taken lightly.”

Sean Jack and Shawn Mercy, who have run Elite Series events since 2018, will serve as co-tournament directors and the Local Organizing Committee for the 2025 PDGA Champions Cup. Jack and Mercy also served as Assistant Tournament Directors for the 2023 PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships.

DGPT’s OTB Open Venue to Host 2025 PDGA Champions Cup

While the news of the PDGA Champions Cup not returning to the hallowed grounds of the IDGC again may disappoint some, Bjerkaas offers a silver lining to fans and competitors alike.

“This move enables the PDGA to host an MPO/FPO major on the west coast of the U.S. for the first time since the 2014 PDGA Pro Worlds in Oregon and the first MPO/FPO Major in California since 2011 Pro Worlds,” Bjerkaas said.

California played host to an FPO PDGA Major in 2021 with the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship contested in Auburn, California.

Want more Majors out west? Stay tuned for more information as the bidding process for all 2026 PDGA Majors opens on June 1.


Submitted by Collberg on

What happened to "the Woods Major"?? Swenson is one of the most open, boring courses on tour. The complete opposite of IDGC.This will be a Major with an asterisk. Please reconsider.

Submitted by hesskilla on

This is truly sad. The event should be held at Iron Hill in Delaware if we need another location. No offense, but it will be difficult to watch at that location, especially since this event has traditionally been an east coast wooded major.

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