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Previous item A.8 of the 2023 PDGA Tour Standards has been removed until such time that a better solution can be found to promote and ensure maximum participation in underserved demographics across all types and sizes of A-Tier events. 

Meanwhile, the PDGA still highly recommends that all events strive to include underserved divisions and maximize participation in those divisions. TDs and clubs can accomplish this through the creation of standalone events for Women, Seniors, or Juniors and the use of early registration tiers or divisional capping with waitlists for underserved divisions where possible at all other events.  Tournament Directors wishing to do so, should reach out to the Event Support Team at prior to setting up the registration for their event.

2023 Pro to Amateur Reclassification Requirements

In concert with the announced 2023 Divisional Realignment, the PDGA Guidelines for Reclassification from Professional to Amateur have also been updated for 2023 concerning the ratings requirements for reclassification from Pro-class to Amateur-class based on a member’s PDGA age.