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Thanks for Making Public Comment a Success!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 - 12:55

Every year, the Global Board of Directors of the Professional Disc Golf Association considers potential changes to the rules and regulations of disc golf: the Official Rules of Disc Golf, the Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, and the Tour Standards. Since 2021, that process has included a public comment period where PDGA members can suggest changes, point out potential problems, and generally make their voices heard.

This year, PDGA staff received more than 250 emails with 325 unique comments about the proposed rule changes, a new record for participation. PDGA Policy & Compliance, who oversee the rulemaking process, summarized those comments and will now make any necessary recommendations to the Rules and Competition Committees and the Operations & Logistics and Support & Training teams for their review. Final proposed changes will then go to the Board for consideration at the Fall Summit.

Your participation in this rulemaking process is critical. The benefit of having grassroots member feedback about the potential impact of proposed changes to the ORDG, CM, and Tour Standards cannot be understated.

From all the staff involved in this process: thank you for being a part of the PDGA team!