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2016 Women's Global Event - Breaking Records Once Again

2016 Women's Global Event - Breaking Records Once Again

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 12:01

On behalf of the PDGA, we are proud to announce that the 2016 PDGA Women’s Global Event’s registration is now sitting at 1,400+ participants world-wide, and we still have a few weeks to go! This world-wide women’s tournament consists of smaller satellite events being run on a course near you on May 14, 2016. The details of each event are subject to the Tournament Director, but every event is open and welcoming to female participants of any skill level and of any age. The competitors this year span across 19 PDGA divisions available ranging from 7 years old to 75 years young!

This event is breaking records once again this year, with ladies from eleven countries playing in a total of 64 events, 17 of which are outside of the United States. The United States is leading with 47 events across 28 states. Second is Finland, hosting five events, followed by Canada with three, Australia with two, and finally Japan, Germany, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom all with one.

All PDGA Women’s Global Events (WGE) can be found on the PDGA Event page for May 2016 and all are highlighted in pink for your convenience. Event names starting with “WGE” are exclusively Women’s Global Events and event names ending with “– WGE” are tournaments that are taking part in the WGE on Saturday but are co-ed and will be run as a standard PDGA event.

Fundraising Sweepstakes

As a way to award Tournament Directors for their WGE registration, we are offering them a chance to win prizes for their own event! If your WGE meets or has already met one or more of the following Sweepstakes qualifications by April 29, 2016, you’ll be entered into that drawing for the Sweepstakes prize. The Sweepstakes drawing will be held on May 2nd and winners will be announced through the PDGA Women’s Global Event Facebook page.

Sweepstakes Details

Juniors Sweepstakes: TDs hosting a WGE with 5 or more junior registered players will be entered into a drawing to win a certificate for a 1 Year Junior PDGA Membership!

Age-Protected Division Sweepstakes: TDs hosting a WGE with 5 or more of age-protected division registered players will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to Ladies First Disc Golf!

Non-Member Sweepstakes: TDs hosting a WGE with 10 or more non-PDGA members registered will be entered into a drawing to win a certificate for a 1 Year Amateur/Junior PDGA Membership!

Stacked Field Sweepstakes: TDs hosting a WGE with 50 or more ladies registered will be entered into a drawing to win a Stiiicks Disc Golf set!

Right To Play Team Sweepstakes: All Tournament Directors that register their WGE as a "Team" on the WGE Right to Play Fundraising page will be entered to win a Stiiicks Disc Golf set!

Right To Play Fundraising

As mentioned above, this year we are using the popularity of our event to help raise funds and awareness for the global organization, Right To Play. This organization spans across 18 countries and helps educate children through games to “educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities”. WGE global participation numbers are serving a higher purpose in 2016, raising funds for and further educating those in need.

To help get the donation numbers even higher, we’ve created a PDGA Women’s Global Event Fundraising Page for Right To Play where Tournament Directors can register their WGE as a fundraising team and/or players can set up their own individual fundraising account.

Thanks to donations from Discmania, Throw Pink, KEEN Footwear, Huk Lab, and the PDGA, we are offering prize incentives for the Top Fundraising Team and the Top 3 Fundraising Individuals. There are also individual incentives including a special prize (to be announced later) as well as a free PDGA Membership available to anyone who raises $500 by May 14th! The WGE fundraising page will be open until 11:59pm PDT on May 21, 2016. Consider hosting a fundraising event during your WGE for a chance to win!


Right To Play children in Uganda, courtesy of

Last but not least, the 2016 WGE is also raising funds for Right To Play through WGE merchandise sales, available from our gracious sponsors; Innova Champion Discs, Paragon, and Flying Colors Disc Golf. A portion of the proceeds from any of the items purchased below will go directly to Right To Play. A portion of the proceeds for the items below will directly benefit Right To Play.


Innova Champion Discs - WGE Star Mirage for sale at


Paragon Disc Golf has WGE branded shirts, towels, and more!


WGE merchandise available on the Flyin Colors Disc Golf website.

Players Packs Info

The 2016 WGE Players Packs are loaded up with goodies, and were available to the first 800 players that reserved them. The packs include:

  • WGE stamped Mirage from Innova Champion Discs
  • Ladies First 1” button and a free shipping coupon ($25 or more purchase required)
  • 3 stickers from Flyin Colors
  • EcoLips SPF lip balm
  • $5 off coupon for
  • Chick Flick/WGE branded coozie
  • Throw Pink stickers
  • Hats, bracelets, and towels donated by Prodigy Disc
  • 50% off coupon and free shipping on DGA Sail distance driver
  • Paragon WGE printed tote bag and Paragon WGE sticker

These packs have all been shipped and will be arrived at the doorsteps of WGE Tournament Directors around the world. If you reserved a player’s package, you will be able to pick it up on May 14th at your local WGE. If you have any questions about your player’s pack or concerns with playing in your local event that day, contact your local WGE Tournament Director.

Didn’t reserve a player’s pack? No worries!

We have some gracious sponsors that have stepped up to offer World Wide Sponsorship to all WGE competitors including a 15% off coupon for and! We also have two Event Sponsors that will be sending out a care-package to all the WGE Events that registered before March 25th, which will include $20 gift cards for Throw Pink merchandise on, and a Chain Bangin Jewelry hand-made disc golf necklace! And last but certainly not least, DiscGolf4Women is helping out our International Events by sending out a $50 USD gift certificate to every event outside of the United States!

The mission for the WGE is to bring together women from all around the world for a day of friendly competition with ladies that may never meet or physically play disc golf together. To reward those who finish at the top of the competition, we are giving out some incredible prizes for the top 3 in every full division (three or more players).

If you are one of our top placing finishers in a full division, you can expect to receive the incredible prizes listed below!

  • 3rd Place:  Disc Diva engraved bag tag and a gift from Discraft
  • 2nd Place: Disc Diva engraved bag tag, a free pair of KEEN Footwear shoes, and a gift from Discraft
  • 1st Place: Disc Diva engraved mini-disc necklace trophy and bag tag, a GRIP Equipment C15 Bag, and a gift from Discraft

Thanks additionally to our Supporting Sponsors: Soul Flight, DiscGolf4Women, Flyin Colors Disc Golf, Ladies First, Custom Disc Golf Racks, Capital City Crushers, and Stiiicks who have donated giveaway prizes on our Facebook Page to encourage event registration.

Thank you to SmashboxxTV for featuring the PDGA Women’s Global Event through their weekly podcasts, Hucker Report for the online promotion, and CentralCoastDiscGolf for creating our upcoming promotional videos!

We are already the single largest PDGA event for a single demographic ever, and we are beyond excited to see the final number tally for 2016. Register for a Women’s Global Event near you today and help our numbers continue to grow!

For more information, updates, testimonials, announcements, and giveaways, follow us on the PDGA Women’s Global Event Facebook page